Friday, July 27, 2012


At last our Prime Minister is under scrutiny of the Time magazine- Asia edition. The magazine has pronounced our Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh as “under achiever” of the year. I wish that the esteemed magazine had used some mild words to express their views.

We all can take heart from the fact that under achievers are also one kind of achievers just as “infamous also get some kind of fame.” However, the fact of the matter is, the UPA government has failed India in their eight years of rule given various scandals, economic slowdown, prices sky rocketing, farmers’ suicides and various other failures.

In spite of all this, the Prime Minister is hopeful of economic revival, is sure that the scams are not out of proportions, and that everything will be hanky dory in the next two years. I salute his “never die” spirit. It is a known fact that a ‘wrong doing’ such as a scam takes no time to achieve. But to rectify that ‘wrong’ may take years if at all the wrong can be rectified. Our experience says otherwise. One case in point is that of “Kalmadi”, the Common Wealth Games scam champion. It took Kalmadi the time of just one Common Wealth Game to pull off scam worth several thousand crores of rupees. He was tried, even jailed and came out eventually and even holds a post in the government so that he can pull off another one. Can the money scammed be realized? No chance. This is just one example. There are hundreds of scams, small and big, right under the UPA government’s nose. The authority is helpless and a mute spectator.

And yet, Dr. Singh is hopeful of putting every wrong thing right in the balance two years left for them to rule. He has boldly declared that everything is not lost yet. The simple logic is: “How can ‘wrong doings’ of eight years of their rule be ‘corrected’ and economy down trend be controlled in the remaining two years?
Would the PM care to explain?


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