Tuesday, July 3, 2012


A while back there was this nice, clear and big picture of Nitin Gadkari trying to touch our beloved Baba Ramdev’s feet. Gadkari couldn’t quite make it though. Some journalists appreciated this humble gesture and quite a few criticized declaring it a politically motivated move. Gadkari could have salvaged the situation somewhat like this:

One of the journalists who appreciated the move: “Gadkariji, we are really impressed. What humbleness, a man of your stature and in your position giving such respect to the Baba.”

Gadkari: “It is our culture. Our culture teaches us to give respect to our elders.”

Journalist: “But Sir, Baba Ramdev is not that old. There is hardly any difference in your age”

Gadkari: “No no, he is older. Moreover he wears saffron. In our culture those who put on saffron are ‘sadhus’ (sages) and must be shown due respect.”

Journalist: “He is not a sadhu. He does wear saffron but he is not a sadhu. He is a ‘yoga’ instructor.”

Gadkari: “There you are. He is a teacher, a yoga teacher. Our scripture say “Guru devo bhava” (teacher is equivalent to god), hence the gesture.”

One of the journalists who opposed his move: “Nitinji, your gesture was a political move. You have met the Baba earlier too but you never touched his feet.”

Gadkari: “Who me? I don’t touch anybody’s feet, not even mine.”

Journalist: “But there was this prominent picture in news papers showing you touching the Baba’s feet.”

Gadkari: “That is humbug. I was just tying my shoe laces.”

Journalist: “Sir, you had no laces on your shoes.’

Gadkari: “Oh…. ah….I was just trying to touch my own feet you see. After my Liposuction I have made it a point to exercise a few times a day.”

Journalist: “But how come Ramdev Baba………..”

Gadkari: “It was a coincidence. Just when I bent to try to touch my toe, the Baba came along and people thought…….”

Journalist: “So you didn’t bow to the Baba?”

Gadkari: “Certainly not. I would rather pull the rug from under his feet.”

Journalist: “All right, that makes it quite clear. By the way, your fingers didn’t quite touch your toes.”

Gadkari grimaced: “Yes, that is that. I guess I will have to go for another Liposuction”


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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