Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gender Bias

One of our three top ranking tennis players, Leander Paes is sulking, and how? Paes is sulking because none of the other two, Bhupati and Bopanna, have agreed to play with him in London Olympics. And Paes does not want to play with lower ranking players who have given their consent. His ego is hurt.

In their own time there were other greats in the game like Naresh Kumar and Ashok Amritraj, just to name the two, but they were never known to have thrown tantrums. Our dear Paes seems to have a king sized ego, conveniently forgetting that there was a time when Naresh Kumar had taken him under his wing when Paes’ rank was much lower. Had he not, history would have been different.

But that is not the main point. The point is, our tennis association is going all out to woo Paes at all costs, it seems. Is an individual, however great a player he may be, greater than the association or the game itself? At one point Paes is alleged to have said: “For the sake of Indian tennis, I am prepared to withdraw from the game”, knowing well that the association will go all out to woo him back. The association did.
When Paes disregarded all offers from the federation, the latter tried to placate him by offering him Sania Mirza as his partner in mixed doubles and that too without consulting Mirza herself. That, in other terms means that Sania doesn’t have any say in the matter as Paes does. Gender bias?

Paes, on the other hand, grasped the opportunity and had the audacity to ask from the association in writing that Sania will play with him. Not only that, he wants conformation in writing from Sania too that she will partner him.

Great, but in all this we forget that Sania Mirza has her own standing in the game. She is not A ‘looking-for-an-opportunity-to-play’ girl. To cap it, she has her own mind and doesn’t hesitate to voice it should the need arise. If she refuses, and she very well can, what is the association going to do? Didn’t the association realize, even for common courtesy, if nothing else, to ask Sania if she was willing? But here again “She is a woman and will do as told” mentality coming to the fore.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

The 'Bad'shah of Bollywood

Badshah of Bollywood, King Khan - Shah Rukh Khan is always surrounded in controversy. Is it his insecurity that prompts him to remain in the limelight? Shah Rukh likes himself to be called the Badshah of Bollywood, nothing less would do.

The fact is no one in the crop of present actors deserves any title whatsoever except one person Amitabh Bachchan (Big B). Bachchan has never demanded any title, never went for number games, never tried any stunts at public places and has always remained humble though he is the only actor who is a super star in the true sense of the word. He is always normal and never blows up any issue.

But back to our so called Badshah. Shah Rukh is trying hard to do everything in his fifties, what he could not do in his younger years. He is known to hit people in parties, known to light a smoke in prohibited places, pick up fights with the likes of Salman. Is he so desperate after his recent flops?

Khan’s recent stunt in IPL is deplorable to say the least. Not only did he come totally drunk and where he should have restrained little kids accompanying him from entering the ground, he started to quarrel with BCCI officials and used abusive language for officials and other staff. He also threatened the security guard knowing well that the guard was too small a person to reiterate. Is it what Badshahs do? Khan is known to be a good parent. Is this good parenting using expletives in front of a young growing daughter and other children? Or he was sure to get away because of his celebrity status?

The fact is, he is losing his place to other younger talents and cannot accept the fact that he is slowly but surely coming of age. So at his ripe age, he has started behaving like an eighteen year old.

Mr. Shah Rukh, you would do well to remember these famous lines:

“wo shaks jo tujse pahele yahan takht nashin tha,

Wo bhi sochta tha wo khuda se kum nahin tha.”


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Poonam Pandey

Miss Poonam Pandey has achieved what she had set out for. For well over a year now she has been threatening to go nude. She received no positive response from any quarters and so she has gone ahead and imposed upon us her porn pictures.

To set the record straight, Poonam had offered to go nude for the benefit of our Indian Cricket team if they won the World Cup. They did. But my guess is, they (the Indian team) would have preferred to lose the game rather than suffering the torture of looking at Miss Pandey in her birthday suit. It was only when the management assured the team that they would not allow Miss Pandey to have her own way that the team made it to the top.

Here dear Poonam made a small error. If she is so fond of taking off her clothes, she should have made the same offer to an individual player, say to anyone who scores a century or the one who has a five wicket haul. She probably would have found some response then. In fact she was likely to have two opportunities- one stripping for a centurion and another for a five wicket taker. It is OK to strip before one person in private but for a team or a nation, it’s no go. It is not in our culture.

However, now she has posted her nudes (without invitation) after KKR won the IPL. According to her it is for the benefit of IPL-KKR-SRK. It is imperative to note here that nobody wanted to look at her, with or without clothes. But she would have none of it. Since it was her life time dream, she has imposed herself up on us.

To be fair to Poonam, she has put a warning on twitter-18 & under should not try looking at her nudes. She does not take responsibility for anyone under age.

Miss Pandey, you will do well to remember that people above eighteen have seen better bodies with much better faces on them. Next, you are sadly mistaken about people under eighteen. These days under eighteens know much more and have seen much more of it than you can offer. So no go there too. Yes, it is under tens who don’t have much access to satisfy their curiosity in such matters, will venture on your Twitter account to see what it all about. They, that is under tens will steal a look at your nudes in haste and repent in a lifetime of horror.

Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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