Thursday, January 5, 2012

Political views-More Pawar speak

“The person making the statements is under scanner and has questionable credentials.” This is how Pawar responded to the reports that Niira Radia had told CBI that Pawar could be controlling D B Realty. This is the issue of his involvement in spectrum allotment. Pawar made this statement as if his own credentials are not questionable. Shreyas Navare, in Hindustan Times of 16th instant has a wonderful cartoon on Pawar depicting a weighing scale where even a feather is shown heavier then Pawar’s moral stature. He has his fingers in every thing, Hazare has attacked him, Niira has blamed him, his name is in 2G spectrum scam, farmers’ suicides, food price inflation you name it. And yet, the great man talks of moral.

Then again, “I am not responsible for what people I know do.” Apparently not, Mr. Pawar, except the fact that people who know you do these things under your protection and blessings. For instance, Mukund Bhavan Trust which was given 326 acres of land inYerwada by fudging documents. Supriya Sule and her husband had 9 per cent share in it. Could this have been possible without Pawar’s knowledge? Is he not responsible for what his own daughter does?

Then there are allegations of his links with the tainted Balwa and opposition is demanding investigation against Pawar. BJP leader Khadse also accused Pawar for irregularities in the transfer of land to companies owned by Pawar family.

Niira Radia is no pure soul, we all know that. But Pawar, of all the people has no moral stand to question anybody’s credentials. He is the biggest hypocrite ever. He and his family should be thrown out of politics and people should put final nail in his political coffin. It will be a great service to the nation.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Indian politics-Bandit queen

Mayawati, the undisputed bandit queen of UP, has not uttered a single word in the case of her MLA Shekhar Tiwari, killing an engineer, Manoj Gupta in 2008 and receiving life term in the process.

It is a known fact that Shekhar Tiwari was collecting money from all and sundry for the Bandit Queen’s birthday celebrations. The engineer’s refusal to contribute for such a deserving and noble cause angered Tiwari and he and his stooges killed Manoj. Tiwari’s wife was also involved in the gruesome deed, woman power in Bandit Queen’s Raj.

This incident reminds me of, not so similar yet identical, incidents in Calcutta years back. Though they seem minor now, in those days they were cause of concern. Every street (Para) in Calcutta used to celebrate Durga Puja (even now they celebrate) when I was young. A group of aggressive young lads from that particular Para or locality, used to collect donation (Chanda) from each family in that locality. It was called donation but it was compulsory, particularly for non Bengali affluent residents of that area. If you wanted to live peacefully through the year, you paid what was asked.

Similar is the case with our Bandit Queen’s birthday, only stakes are higher, to put it mildly. Where in Calcutta, it was a question of living in peace, in Mayawati’s case it is a matter of life itself. You pay with your life. If you want to live, you contribute, or else.

But what poor Tiwari got for his enthusiasm was that he was expelled from the party that year itself and was left in lurch to defend for himself. Mayawati had no further role to play and washed her hands off him. In the process Tiwari got a lifer and our queen in her wonderland continues to celebrate her birthdays year after year and people now pay without questioning the authenticity of the process of collection. That is Maya’s Maya.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Politically incorrect-Miracle man

The death of Sri Sathya Sai Baba has spread gloom throughout the country and many parts of the world. Are these miracle men or god men for real, as they claim to be? The place of a miracle man has fallen vacant with the death of Sathya Sai Baba. Who will be the next to claim the post?

With all due respect to the departed soul, I wonder why these god men have to perform miracles to prove they have super powers. Why do they have to claim that they are incarnations of god? Why do they have to amass wealth that they know, is going to create chaos after their death?

Just give a thought to the sages of the past like Ramkrishna Paramhans, Shirdi Sai Baba etc. They never claimed themselves to be incarnations of god. On the contrary they considered themselves to be servants of the almighty. They never amassed wealth, lived in abject poverty and performed miracles only in utter necessity never boasting about their super powers. They lead a simple life and in spite of having large followings, always remained humble.

Now look at all the recent god men – Asaram Bapu, Baba Ramdev, Rajneesh, Chandra Swami, Mahesh Yogi among others. All are or were surrounded in one or more controversies. Even Sathya Sai Baba was not without one. All of them are exceptionally rich. They preach of tyaga (renouncement) and saiyam (control). But look at each one of them. They live in super luxuries, have large mansions, fleet of cars and several are involved in sex scandals. Bhagwan Rajneesh had 93 Rolls Roys cars. He was deported from US on charges of immigration fraud. Chandra Swami did more political activities then spiritual service. He was more like Niira Radia in the garb of a spiritual leader. And yet people follow them blindly, even educated ones. They have political patronage. They leave behind greed, chaos and internal quarrels. Do we really need them? You think.

Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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