Friday, December 2, 2011

Popularly unpopular

Dear Kashmera Shah (now 40) has been in this glamorous film and TV industry for years but admits that reality shows in TV have got her more popularity than films. May we dare to ask which films? What popularity? If comments on her in papers and magazines are anything to go by, we would say she is popularly unpopular. Looking at her age, she is well past her prime and her career, if at all there was one, is over. Now she just sticks around like a sticking gum, desperate to hold on to anything.

“Bigg Boss made me realize that people love the ‘real’ Kashmera,” she asserts. Really now, if she thinks people love her, she lives in a fool’s paradise. Just shedding clothes, mouthing expletives and showing aggression where it is not required doesn’t make you popular, Kashmera. If at forty you have not learnt that, you never will.

Rakhis, Sambhavnas and Kashmeras are a spent lot. They are now desperate to remain in limelight and for that they will go to any extent. Kashmera is at disadvantage among this lot, age wise and otherwise. When she reveals, she reveals layers and layers of fat. One look at her picture in Hindustan Times of 18th April proves what we mean. Titled ‘wild folks on the loose’ Rochelle Pinto has this to say about Kashmera: “If Kashmera Shah was in a dessert making competition, we are pretty sure they would crown her queen of Tarts.” Pinto has put it mildly. Need we say anything more?

We can only say: at this age Kashmera should forget about peoples’ love, find someone with fat bank balance (she still has chance for that), ignore his age and settle down with him, if she knows how to settle down, that is. We can only wish her good luck in this endeavor.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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