Sunday, December 4, 2011

Celebrity news-Diamond queen

Rani Mukerji, our self styled and self proclaimed queen of the film industry is not willing to play a married woman’s role any more, forget about playing a mother. The thirty three year old baby considers herself, too young to play a married woman.

The queen, in true sense of the word, had earlier declared that she would like to be proposed with diamonds, and diamonds only. Sure, why not? After all, one should aim high in life. She will find many sixty year olds who will gladly offer her diamonds, with or without proposal.

After giving flops with younger actors like Shahid Kapoor, Miss M has now decided to act as a young girl with young boys only. We think that the wait can be eternal. As it is, she is known to throw tantrums on the sets and even directing the director. Actually, it should be men like Shahid Kapoor who should decline to work with her as she is still a pony tail girl, not a woman.

Miss M, in her eternal quest for fulfillment (she is never satisfied), would do well to remember that by the time she decides to do a married woman’s role and a mother’s role a few years down the line, in real life she would be too old either to marry or to be a mother. She would have to be satisfied with playing these roles on the screen, if she gets them. She would do well to follow sensible actors like Balan and do what comes her way.

If she chooses not to, diamonds are always there.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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