Friday, December 30, 2011

Celebrity gossip-Kareena

Kareena Kapoor is upset that Sonakshi Sinha is the most searched for celebrity on the web. Further she is unhappy that the website is pitting her (Kareena) against a much junior rising star. That is exactly the point, Kareena. People always like to see and weigh a new face, a new entrant and a new spirit against the old and established. Without doubt, Kareena is on the top at present and quite old at the game.

I am no fan of Sonakshi and have never seen her movies. But I fail to understand why Kareena of all the people, should get upset by Sonakshi’s presence. Is it a case of returning waters? It is amusing, to say the least, that even after being on the top for so many years, giving so many hits, she is concerned by mere presence of a new entrant. Being from a generation of top film family, she should know that one can go so far and no more, age and momentum catches up with you. She has played her innings, played well and still playing. But there is always place for a new entrant and a fresh face. Instead of getting upset, she would do well to show some grace, accept the inevitable that she is old in the industry, has done what she wanted to do, and now it is time to let others in and do what she has done and what they want to do.

Let me use an old saying: May be Saif likes to see her all the time, may be a few more people like to see her a few more times, but she cannot expect all the people to like her all the times. It is an old adage, a universal fact. Even Saif may like to search for a new face at times. A change is always welcome. Amen.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Politically incorrect-Royal insult

Mr. Sandip Soparkar, our national choreographer, (if you don’t know who he is) has found ways and means to remain in limelight, a la Poonam Pandey.

Sandip has claimed that he and his charming wife Jesse had been invited to the Buckingham palace to perform at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding and that he could not attend the same due to an injured knee. How very thoughtful of the royal family. And here I thought that like me, the royal family wouldn’t know that a creature named Sandip is moving on this planet we call earth. And here again I wonder if Sandip would be invited by even a small Raja of a smallest Indian state, leave alone the British palace. Of course, his claim of the royal invitation has been denied by the press office of the Royal family. Last heard, Sandip is extremely hurt.

His Highness, Sir Sandip Soparkar, is known for his tall claims without ever substantiating them. He once famously declared that he had been asked to sort out personal problems between Madonna and Guy Ritchie, her husband. Well, well, have you opened a consultancy by any chance, Mr. Soparkar?

Earlier on, Sandip claimed that he had relationship with Britney Spears and that the latter was smitten by him and his charm, really? Don’t you think that the Spears girl is a little too big for your shoes? Yes, if you had claimed that some Hollywood hunk was smitten with Jesse, it was still believable.

Coming back to Sandip’s hurt feeling for the denial of the British Empire. On the contrary, the Royal family should have been hurt by a small time choreographer to have claimed to have been invited to the royal wedding. Knee injured or ego hurt? Last heard Sandip was to call a press and submit proof of the invitation when he gets well. Will he?


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Celebrity news-Diamond queen

Rani Mukerji, our self styled and self proclaimed queen of the film industry is not willing to play a married woman’s role any more, forget about playing a mother. The thirty three year old baby considers herself, too young to play a married woman.

The queen, in true sense of the word, had earlier declared that she would like to be proposed with diamonds, and diamonds only. Sure, why not? After all, one should aim high in life. She will find many sixty year olds who will gladly offer her diamonds, with or without proposal.

After giving flops with younger actors like Shahid Kapoor, Miss M has now decided to act as a young girl with young boys only. We think that the wait can be eternal. As it is, she is known to throw tantrums on the sets and even directing the director. Actually, it should be men like Shahid Kapoor who should decline to work with her as she is still a pony tail girl, not a woman.

Miss M, in her eternal quest for fulfillment (she is never satisfied), would do well to remember that by the time she decides to do a married woman’s role and a mother’s role a few years down the line, in real life she would be too old either to marry or to be a mother. She would have to be satisfied with playing these roles on the screen, if she gets them. She would do well to follow sensible actors like Balan and do what comes her way.

If she chooses not to, diamonds are always there.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Popularly unpopular

Dear Kashmera Shah (now 40) has been in this glamorous film and TV industry for years but admits that reality shows in TV have got her more popularity than films. May we dare to ask which films? What popularity? If comments on her in papers and magazines are anything to go by, we would say she is popularly unpopular. Looking at her age, she is well past her prime and her career, if at all there was one, is over. Now she just sticks around like a sticking gum, desperate to hold on to anything.

“Bigg Boss made me realize that people love the ‘real’ Kashmera,” she asserts. Really now, if she thinks people love her, she lives in a fool’s paradise. Just shedding clothes, mouthing expletives and showing aggression where it is not required doesn’t make you popular, Kashmera. If at forty you have not learnt that, you never will.

Rakhis, Sambhavnas and Kashmeras are a spent lot. They are now desperate to remain in limelight and for that they will go to any extent. Kashmera is at disadvantage among this lot, age wise and otherwise. When she reveals, she reveals layers and layers of fat. One look at her picture in Hindustan Times of 18th April proves what we mean. Titled ‘wild folks on the loose’ Rochelle Pinto has this to say about Kashmera: “If Kashmera Shah was in a dessert making competition, we are pretty sure they would crown her queen of Tarts.” Pinto has put it mildly. Need we say anything more?

We can only say: at this age Kashmera should forget about peoples’ love, find someone with fat bank balance (she still has chance for that), ignore his age and settle down with him, if she knows how to settle down, that is. We can only wish her good luck in this endeavor.

Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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