Sunday, November 13, 2011

Unoque taste

Ankita Rane, a resident of Thane, took photograph of a pani-puri vendor urinating in the same utensil he used to serve his customers in. Ankita did the right thing by exposing the vendor, one Rajdev Chawhan, doing this nauseating thing.

But one BJP leader, Raj Purohit, thinks otherwise. Purohit has questioned Ankita’s intentions for recording a video of the vendor while he was urinating. According to him, no girl has any business to take such photographs and has publicly questioned her motives. He also used inappropriate language against the girl and her character.

Purohit is only the one of his kind. No person in his right mind would question Ankita’s intentions and nobody has so far, except of course, Purohit. The fact is, people at large are thankful to the girl. Ankita has done admirable service to the society. Her only intention was to expose Chawhan and his deeds. The job which Purohit and his likes should have done, Ankita has done. Far from appreciating, he has challenged her character. Shiv Sena women have rightly protested Purohit’s statements and asked him to wear bangles. Even his own party has distanced itself from his remarks. Purohit, it seems has grabbed this opportunity to gain publicity. Gained he has, adverse publicity.

On a lighter note, one more explanation comes to mind. Raj Purohit is a regular and die-hard fan of this particular pani-puri vendor. He must have tried other vendors but found Chawhan’s item unique in taste. Now after trying everywhere, he has developed taste in Chawhan’s food item. Hence he doesn’t want anything to happen to the vendor. If he is arrested, where would Purohit get his taste? No body else knew his secret ingredient so far, now everybody knows, so Purohit should have no problem on that count.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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