Thursday, November 24, 2011

Politically incorrect-Pawar speak

Sharad Pawar, our Maratha warlord, what with food price rise and Maharashtra State Co.op. Bank issue etc. seems to have lost his marbles these days. Recently, in response to a question he retorted: “I do not get to meet my senior friend (Bal Saheb Thackeray) now a days and I would not discuss issues with kids (Uddhav).”

Thackeray, though much senior to Pawar, is still sound in his mind. He has done the right thing in refusing to see Pawar, who doesn’t look beyond his own interest. Lalit Modi’s is a case in point. When Modi was in his prime Pawar supported him in every decision Modi took, right or wrong. The moment things went wrong for Modi, Pawar dropped him like a hot potato.

Uddhav has strongly retaliated to his statement. Before commenting on Uddhav and his age, Pawar should have considered age of his own daughter whom he is promoting in politics. Pawar is a lice that is squeezing the country’s blood dry. Now he is joined by his daughter and his nephew Ajit in this venture, a joint venture if ever there was one.

If Pawar is not prepared to talk to Uddhav because of his age, why does he talk to and even obey, Rahul Gandhi, general secretary of the Congress and his boss. The answer is simple, it serves his interest.

Now the latest is, RBI has dissolved the board of Maharashtra State Co. Op. Bank and Pawar has not liked it a bit. It is a known fact that Pawar and his stooges have milked the Bank dry to the extent that that the Bank’s records have been manipulated to show that it is in profit, where as it is in loss. Most of the loans given to the sugar barons are bad debts, thanks to Pawar.

Pawar has made enough money in sugar cane, land and sports (cricket). Now it is time he shuts his shop.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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