Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Politically incorrect-Double role

Reports claim: “DMK dumps Raja to save Kanimozhi.” The (in) famous Ram Jethmalani, who is reputed to represent criminal bigwigs, defended Kanimozhi totally putting the blame of 2G Spectrum on A. Raja. Later it was observed that Raja and Kanimozhi shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. One the next hearing, though Jethmalani kept hammering Raja with all his might, Kanimozhi and Raja were found sitting together and talking amicably as if the entire procedure was a farce, or was it?

This time around, Jethmalani has his cake and he is eating it too. This defense of Kanimozhi and attack on Raja seems to be an eye wash. Jethmalani appears to be in hand and gloves with Raja’s counsel. As it is Raja has nothing more to loose. He is stuck with all the charges and he is done with so far as his freedom is concerned, if not finance. We have no system in this country to recover scam money from anyone, leave alone a politician like Raja. So as mentioned earlier, he has nothing to loose if he lets Jethmalani bash him.

Jethmalani, the old fox that he is, must have counseled Raja’s lawyer on how to defend him (Raja). He fights the case in such a way that Kanimozhi comes clean or at least gets bail, at the same time Raja’s lawyer defends Raja of all charges made by Jethmalani with latter’s own guidance. This is common practice in India. Either both opposite lawyers are on the same side or both are on both sides.

We do not know the outcome of the case, what will happen to Raja or Kanimozhi for that matter. But we do know for sure that Jethmalani will be richer by a few millions


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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