Tuesday, November 29, 2011

May I?

Reports say that police stations across the state will have reception desks to guide visitors to the right officer. We do not whether the person occupying the desk will be a male or a female. But “may I help you?” could be the sentence you could hear when you happen to visit the exalted place in future.

Our police personnel are not exactly known for their courtesy. We all are used to their gruff and aggressive attitude. If the above scheme takes place and police men are taught lessons in the art of politeness, the future scene in a police station will completely change.

A man is summoned to the police station for beating his neighbor in a drunken stoop. He enters the place and looks around.

Officer: “Welcome sir, how may I help you?”

Offender: “I have been summoned here.”

Officer: “Oh, how sad, here, have a seat sir. I will find out the charges against you, while you are waiting would you like to have something sir, tea or coffee perhaps?”

After a while the receptionist guides him to the desk of one officer, Patil. Patil asks questions to the culprit very politely but the man (offender) does not agree to the charges against him made by his neighbor.

Patil: “Oh, very well sir, if you say so. Please sir, follow me.”

Offender: “Where are you taking me?”

Patil: “To our questioning room, sir. I have not been able to extract confession from you. Mr. Kamble in our questioning room will take over and do the needful. Here, follow me sir.”

Patil, all courtesy, holds the door open for the offender. Now, Kamble in the enquiring cell takes over.

Kamble: “So you don’t agree to the charges against you?”

Offender, now confident with all the courtesy shown to him: “Of course not.”

Kamble: “In that case sir, I will have to use third degree on you, May I?”

The offender comes out after a while having given full confession to the charges against him. He was disheveled from the beating taken.

Receptionist: “I am extremely sorry for what happened to you sir. May I guide you to your cell?”


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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