Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Indian politics-Dawoodabad

Now that the US has killed Osama Bin Laden and showed us and the world that it is possible to penetrate Pakistan and get your target, there is a general opinion that India should also target at criminals like Dawood and Saeed, though Pakistan has warned us against any such misadventure.

But there is a small wedge that is, difference between India and the US. US has willing politicians whereas India has unwilling ones. Politicians are answerable to people in US, here in India even God cannot question them, for they behave like they are God themselves. US was not prepared to let go off their prey for ten long years. That shows their perseverance, we talk and forget or move onto the next incident in three months.

But just suppose that we show US like adventurism and try to get Dawood & Co. for the sake of the people, there is no question of killing him in Pakistan. We are not US and we cannott have the second-to-second precision plans. So the only thing we can do is, taking advantage of the current developments, pressurize Pakistan to hand over Dawood to us. They will never agree to part with Saeed as their government and ISI are involved in his activities.

Let us imagine that Pakistan agrees to deliver Dawood to us to stand trial here in India, what are we going to do with him? We will receive him with red carpet, the bigger the criminal, the bigger the carpet. What did we do with Kasab, nothing. If you look at the past record, our politicians were in awe of big and organized criminals like Haji Mastan, Yusuf Patel, Wardha and the likes. Dawood may be offered a film role at phenomenal price or offered a fortune for his life story publishing rights. We may offer him immunity, even give him land which will be known as Dawoodabad. Our future generation will learn “Here is where the noted and dreaded criminal Dawood Ibrahim lived and hence the place is known as Dawoodabad.”

Dawood can be sure of being defended by top class lawyer, Ram Jethmalani. After all according to Jethmalani, criminals are not criminals till they are proved criminals. Yes, we agree.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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