Thursday, November 3, 2011

Celebrity news-Ye dosti

Preity Zinta, co owner of Punjab IPL team was very happy with Yuvraj Singh when he hit maximum number of sixes. Nothing wrong with that except that Yuvraj, who had earlier captained Preity’s Punjab team now plays for Pune and Preity congratulated him and if reports are to be believed, even awarded him for that feat, quite a gesture that.

In the world of cricket, opponents are enemies, at least on the field. You only have to see Sreesanth’s behavior and his expressions to get the picture. But that is beside the point. The point is, even though Yuvraj is in the opposite team and giving headache to the Punjab team (to put it mildly), Preity chooses to be happy for him ignoring her own team.

Now she should learn something from Shah Rukh Khan. Even when the Kolkata team was in doom, SRK was at the team’s beck and call. Every time, he encouraged his team to do well, give their best, never mind the outcome. Even when Ganguly joined Pune team, SRK wished him well. He wished that Ganguli scores well against all teams except Kolkata. That is the spirit, rather team spirit. Team comes first. At one point SRK went on to say that however good or bad they play, they were his boys. He never ignored them.

But Preity’s case is different. She is friends with Yuvraj and a good friend at that, especially after Ness Wasia. Now as they say, a friend is a friend, whether in her team or opponent’s, no? That reminds me of a song in Sholay, “Ye dosti hum nahin todenge……… team mein raho ya us team mein.”


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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