Sunday, November 20, 2011

Celebrity news-Tarzan Salman

Now here is an interesting news item, Salman, the great actor, the great humanitarian, the great soul, is gong to play Tarzan in a movie, the idea of which was given by his brother Sohail. We on our part think he has already acted like Tarzan in Dabangg. For that matter he has acted like Tarzan in almost all movies he has done.

To us, Salman, the great Khan is the biggest fluke in the film industry. He plays double roles in real life, just like in films. On one hand he hunts rare Black Bucks, kills and maims people with his car under the influence of alcohol and has no compunction about leaving the place of the accident, leaving victims to their own devices. At times he acts like a hoodlum with media, has several court cases against him, has ego the size of Himalaya Mountain and walks as if he owns every inch of the ground he walks on.

On the other hand he runs “Being Human” foundation for the benefit of the poor. All these activities are just show offs and we believe he does all this to balance his negative actions, for he does very little and the publicity is a hundred times more.

Now back to Tarzan. Tarzan is also known as Ape Man. For this, Salman the great bhai doesn’t have to act, just be himself. Whatever he does is Ape like. Just be yourself Salman bhai, you will be the biggest Ape Man ever and people will forget Tarzan. Hence forth it will not be Tarzan the Ape Man instead it will be Salman the Ape Man.

On another note, Tarzan found his first woman Jane, married her & settled with her. Our Salman bhai has found several Janes so far and is yet to settle down with one. Here is sincerely hoping that this Tarzan movie will help him find the real one and settle down for good. Amen.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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