Sunday, October 30, 2011

Politically incorrect-False bravado

Only a few days back Kanimazhi, daughter of DMK supremo M. Karunanidhi, who is involved in 2G spectrum scam up to her neck, had defiantly declared: “I shall come clean. It is not easy to touch me,” or something to that effect. Her utterances almost betrayed her involvement in the scam. But she was confident of her father’s influence and people around him to worry about anything. Moreover she was sure that many heads will roll if she was declared guilty and that the ruling party could not afford that.

It turned out to be a false bravado. Now that her passport is taken away, her movements restricted, her IT returns scrutinized, her transactions being checked, she lost all her confidence and so called defiance. Earlier she was sure of getting bail and the rest would be handled by cunning lawyers like Jethmalani. Not so now. She has been arrested and is likely to be there for a long time. Where earlier she behaved like a fighting man, now she wants bail on the ground that she is a woman and a mother.

How noble of her. Where was her womanhood and motherhood when she committed the crime? She is well aware that India is an emotional country. It believes in Mother Goddess. So if nothing works, the last thing she can do is emotional blackmail. But Goddess Kanimozhi forgets - that status is for women like Mother Teressa and Ma Sharda, not like Kanimozhi and Jaylalitha. Again if her claim of being a woman and hence the bail, is accepted, all female criminals should be freed on the same ground. The law has to be changed for that.

Kanimozhi would do well to let Jethmalani do his job and keep her own mouth shut. After all, she can rest assure, she won’t have to part with her scammed money, only a time in the clink at the very worse. There she can expect company of worthy VIPS cooling their heels.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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