Thursday, October 20, 2011

Politically incorrect-Boomerang

Charity should begin at home: an apt line for our dear Ramdev Baba. Baba’s crusade against corruption has boomeranged. His Patanjali Yogpeeth is alleged to be in possession of illegal 120 Bighas of land in Haridwar. There are also questions regarding his business empire. Baba Ramdev who hijacked the genuine issue of corruption from Anna Hazare, is in trouble now for corruption himself. His back is against the wall. After declaring fast against corruption, he can’t back out now.

The result is utter chaos in his camp. Baba has tried to circle the issue saying his earlier pronouncements and commitments were simply “tactical,” speak a lot about his wavering mentality. The very beginning of his so called crusade was on a false note. He booked the Ramlila ground on pretext of parting Yoga lessons to his devotees, whereas he intended to use it for political purposes.

The UPA government on its part, fully aware why and for what purpose Baba was going to use the ground, made a mockery of itself by sending four top ministers, an unusual step in itself, and spreading red carpet for the Baba. What the administration did, that is, throwing the Baba and his followers out of the ground, should have been done at the airport itself. Instead, four top ministers almost bowed to the Baba.

Ramdev has gulped more than he can chew little realizing that RSS and BJP are capable of washing their hands off him and leave in lurch and that is what they have done. Ramdev is a sinking boat as far as this particular mission is concerned.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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