Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Political views-Anna Hazare vs. Baba Ramdev

Now Baba Ramdev has decided that he will go on indefinite fast from 4th June against corruption. It appears that of late, Baba Ramdev was not able to gain enough limelight, hence followed Anna Hazare’s footsteps and decided to hijack his cause in his flamboyant style.

Anna, on his part, didn’t take a month to go on fast until death. He decided that the government was not doing enough (if at all) to curb corruption and went on fast on the spur of the moment and was actually on fast for quite a few days. Ramdev has given a month’s notice in the hope something will crop up and he will not have to adhere to his decision. Anna didn’t wait for any followers to follow him in this endeavor whereas Ramdev wants lakhs of people to follow him.

From all this it is quite obvious that Baba wants to takeover and hijack Anna’s venture so to say. Baba may have been successful in his Yoga teachings, may have thousands of followers but has failed in his political activities in spite of having quite a few politicians as supporters.

Corruption in our country is not a new phenomenon. It is more than a half a century old. Where was Baba all these years? Anna has fought small and big battles against administration for years in favor of the poor in this country. Baba Ramdev has not lifted a finger for the underprivileged. He has affluent followers and is always surrounded by the rich and mighty.

It is said that the Baba is good or rather excellent as far as Yoga instructions are concerned. Let him stick to that. Any effort in politics or any other field, for that matter, won’t cut ice. When asked why he put his demands all of a sudden when Anna was already in it, he replied that he did not want to loose his own identity. That alone proves his intentions.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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