Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Indian politics-Anarchist

Baba Ramdev has called youth to join his so called army and has challenged the government of stern reaction if an incident like the Ramlila ground eviction is repeated. The Baba has plans to raise an army of 11000 strong military type men to deal with the government and security forces, just in case. Some Baba this, this is not only an open mockery of the government which left no stone unturned to appease him but also playing with the future of the youth he intends to recruit. Our administration is fully to be blamed for the situation to come to this pass because it lacks political will to confront a mere Baba.

From a Yoga Guru, then a sage, this Baba has now turned into an anarchist or trying to turn into an anarchist. His declaration of creating a parallel army smells of rebellion against the state and should be dealt with as such. In the present circumstances he can be called anti-national and a traitor. Baba has turned against the state which gave him so much.

Because this is India the government has mildly responded saying: “We will allow peaceful protests but will not allow anything that will trigger a conflagration.” In any other country he would have been behind bars and tried for treason. Even now the first thing the administration should do is to tame the so called messiah of the common man. All his Ashrams and other properties should be confiscated and closed. This will break his financial bone. All politicians supporting him should be taken to task. Make him a tiger without tooth. Ninety percent of his followers will desert him. Next, leave him to the UP government and Mayawati to deal with. Both will break each other’s head. That is as it should be.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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