Monday, October 24, 2011

Celebrity news-Salman the saviour

Zarine Khan says she owes her career to Salman Khan. Don’t worry Zarine, many girls have said the same thing in the past. You are not the first. Right from Katrina Kaif to Sneha Ullal to you and many more in between and of course, many more to come. Salman takes equal care of all his protégés. He has famously declared that Katrina is part of his family and what he has not declared is that so are the others.

Salman is fond of new entrants and is keen to go out of his way to promote them, mostly girls. Ah yes, I forget Govinda. Govinda is the only male Salman has ever tried to promote, rest of them are female.

Salman has fetish for look a likes, it seems. Zarine dear, you are likely to have been dubbed a Katrina look a like. When Salman fails to get the original, he scouts for a look a like. Another case in point is that of ravishing Aishwarya, then Rai. When their relationship soured, Salman set about the task of finding her duplicate and came up with Sneha. That done, and considering his ‘now on now off’ relations with Katrina, he found you.

Now Salman’s next step would be to find Sneha’s look a like and then yours. And then look a likes of those look a likes. The cycle of look a likes will go on. So Zarine, don’t wait and depend too much on savior Salman. Go right ahead and take control of your career and life. Very soon and Allah willing, you will be in a position to find a look a like of Salman Khan and promote him. One good deed deserves another, so they say.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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