Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sreesanth-Spoilt brat

Sometimes it so happens in life that you don’t like a person for no reason at all. Even if you don’t know that person he sends wrong vibes to you. And if you are a sensible type, you feel guilty about it. The same thing happened to me when I first saw Sreesanth’s pictures in newspapers and later, when I saw him on TV. “Here is one spoilt brat”, I remember to have thought. I had no reason to dislike him for he is just a kid and I am on the wrong side of sixties, matured enough to disregard such thoughts. But the feeling persisted.

I was right. From the beginning of his career, his body language was that of an arrogant child. His aggression and ugly gestures suggested that he thought himself to be in the league of Kapil Dev and Imran Khan. His behavior on and off the field left much to be desired. Sreesanth provoked even his own team mates, showed unnecessary aggression where it was not required. His own attitude has hindered his progress.

Earlier on, when on one occasion he provoked Harbhajan Singh and in turn got slapped by the latter, he cried on the field like a little kid. That is what a spoilt brat does. All the so called artificial aggression vanished like air from a punctured balloon.

In World Cup final also he was listless. One fails to justify why Dhoni gave him a chance against Ashwin who had shown his mettle in one game. However, I noticed that below layers and layers of sun cream, his cheeks were puffed and showed signs of tiredness. Perhaps he himself was not expecting a chance in the final and was having a good time with his food and beverages. There was no spring in his run and the fielding was listless, as if he was not interested in the game.

Sreesanth is lucky that he is still in the reckoning and I don’t think he will last long. For him it will always be “touch and go.”


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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