Monday, April 25, 2011

Politically incorrect-Return of Poonam Pandey

Well well, now that our Indian cricket team has won the world Cup without feasting their eyes on the nude body of (now) celebrated Miss Poonam Pandey, has she dropped the idea of stripping all the way? No, she still wants to go nude and this time for the nation.

We do not know whether BCCI has considered her magnanimous offer, but we do know that Poonam suddenly disappeared from the scene ‘on & from’ the day of the World Cup final. After hiding for a few days, she resurfaced last week explaining that she had received threats from extremists and there were a few court cases against her. When questioned, now that the Indian team has achieved its goal without her ‘assistance,’ has she dropped the idea?

No, she still wants to shed her clothes. She wants to do it in private for the Indian team. But this time she wants to dedicate it to the nation. “I am stripping for the country”, that is what she has to say. Well then, what about doing it on national TV? If the act is for the benefit of the entire nation, why restrict it to one team of eleven persons? Why doesn’t she offer the feast to the entire nation?

We are not sure if the team wants to look at her, nude or otherwise. They have better things to look at and so has our nation. Miss Pandey would do well to keep her clothes intact. She would do a great service to the cricket team and our nation if she keeps her clothes on, all of them. But, may be, modesty is not her calling.

Last heard, her trick has paid off and now she is gainfully employed with the TV show “Khatron ke khiladi.” May be, as they say, Indian cricket team’s loss is Akshay Kumar’s gain. What say?

Just a thought…………….


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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