Friday, April 15, 2011

Politically incorrect-Bad loser

Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi may be a good cricketer and according to some, a good captain as well. But he is nowhere near our Dhoni when it comes to keeping his cool and expressing his views in public. Dhoni is suave and always in control whereas Afridi is always babbling whether praising or criticizing India.

Gautam had just expressed his intense feelings for the loss of lives on 26/11, never intending to blame Pakistan for that. It is best left to politicians. But Afirdi, with guilt conscious that he has, and knowing who was responsible for the event, took it in negative spirit.

Then again, his comments to the effect that we (India) don’t have large and clean hearts like them don’t stand the test of time. He also claimed that Indian media is negative. What about the media in Pakistan? Look at their papers, TV, even madrasas, they always spit fire against India. The ‘hate India’ campaign is always on in Pakistan.

When in India, Afridi was all praise for us. He had good comments about us, congratulated our team on our success, enjoyed our hospitality, earned money here and displayed some sporting spirit when on our soil. We too praised him for his behavior on and off the field. But the moment he landed on Pakistani soil, negativity took over and he started to spit venom. What is more, the poor fellow doesn’t have guts to stand by his words because the next day he took a complete U turn and said he did not mean it. If so, his own media quoted him wrongly. His own people are criticized him for his foolish and untimely comments. We forgive him. Now he should decide whom Allah has given pure and large heart.

If at all he has some intelligence and a bit of decency left in him, he should take a lesson or two from our captain, for I am sure he (Dhoni) has a heart large enough to accommodate Afridi.

A bad loser that is what Afridi is.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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