Monday, April 18, 2011

Fine leg

Our present cricket team is a lucky lot. Apart from being showered with crores of Rupees, two-wheelers, luxury cars, plots and what not, for the first time in the history of cricket, they are being offered nude view of a female body and a live one at that. What more could they ask for?

One Miss Poonam Pandey (who is she?), a model by profession, has offered to go nude in front of our cricketers to boost their spirit. I had never heard of this Poonam Pandey, as a model or otherwise. Now of course I hear of her daily and the whole world knows her. There, you know the secret of her popularity, “bare it all” if nothing else works.

Miss Pandey is, in her own words “ready and willing, at any time and place of Indian team’s choosing” to go nude to lift their spirit and thereby lift their performance. The kind lady has not specified whether she will shed her clothes backstage and come to the stage in her birthday suit or she will come to the stage fully clothed and perform a striptease for the benefit of our Indian team. In the second option our players may get some titillation, for, there is always an element of suspense and glee when a woman (any woman) sheds her clothes in front of you. But should she decide for the first option, the fun will be over even before it began. Nobody will give her a second glance, except perhaps, our naughty boy Sreesanth who will bare his teeth against her you know what.

Poonam further claims that the act would be a therapeutic treatment for our players. In that case, wouldn’t it be better if she chooses to give this treatment to each player individually? But that would not have gained her an instant fame, would it have?

I doubt if this now popular Miss Poonam knows what LBW means in cricket. She must have heard of the term “fine leg”, considered her legs are fine and decided to show them with other fine things she has and gain some popularity. Let me admit, she has scored there and how.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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