Sunday, April 17, 2011

Current affairs-Lone ranger

We are a nation of corruption, cricket, noise, and (over) population, in that order. The rate at which our population is growing, we are likely to surpass China in no time at all. Noise is our national pass time. Be it an occasion of celebration or gloom, we must make noise loud enough to break ear drums. Suffice to say that cricket is our religion and we follow it religiously. But it is corruption and corruption alone that we are expert at.

Right from our babus, ministers, corporations, educational institutes, sports bodies, railways, you name it, corruption is there. Of course, like every where, there are exceptions, but they are rarest of rare. We have our Mayawatis, Kalmadis, Rajas, Hasan Ali, Telgi and their ilk. These handfull of persons have scammed several lakh crores of Rupees between them. If you sum up the total amount of these scams, the amount will be mind boggling and if our administration recovers the ill gotten amount from them, prices of all commodities will come down like a falling Sensex.

Corruption and cricket go hand in hand and the biggest twister, Sharad Pawar has his grip in both of them. Pawar, the strong man and his daughter are grabbing land everywhere. One example is the Lavasa Township where Pawar’s daughter and his son-in-law are interested parties. Now even his nephew Ajit Pawar is involved in Maharashtra State Co.op. Bank scam being one of its directors. And such a person like Sharad Pawar is in Group of Ministers on corruption.

It takes a Gandhian like Anna Hazare, a Lone Ranger, to challenge such a person. Where the whole nation looked helplessly and suffered silently on account of these shameless politicians, it was Hazare alone who took up the issue against corruption and forced Pawar out of GoM, brave man indeed. Now of course the entire nation is with him. Tainted and selfish persons like Chautala and Uma Bharati tried to take political advantage of the situation and went to meet Hazare, but were made to bite dust and turned away by Hazare’s supporters.

The biggest misery is: these politicians and ministers are fleecing the country and thereby fleecing us, common people and yet they are being provided with biggest security cover and we, whom they are fleecing, are made to pay for it.

Now that Hazare is battling for us against corruption, let the entire nation support him and throw persons like Pawar out of power and out of reckoning forever, for the simple reason that we are not going to have Lone Ranger like Anna anytime soon.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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