Sunday, April 3, 2011

Celebrity news-Deepika's dumb defence

Dev Anand expressed his ire towards the remix of his eternal song “Dum maro dum.” An old timer and a gentleman that he is, he chose normal and decent words to convey his feelings for this sh*t of a remix. The fact of the matter is that the remix of this song smells like Pritam who remixed the song smells, like Jaideep who penned the song smells, like Anushka who sung the song smells and last but not the least, Deepika who defended the song, smells the most.

It is a pity that our censor board has passed this vulgar (and I am putting it mildly) song containing words like “potty”, “nanga” and what not, in the name of remix. It is not a song it is sh*t, real sh*t. I am unable to find proper words to describe this dirt of a song. Jaideep should be barred from the film industry and the less said about Pritam, the better. The likes of these are infecting the minds of our children in the name of modern songs.

But the most surprising aspect is that Deepika defends herself and the song declaring that some (?) consider the song vulgar, whereas she is overwhelmed by the positive response she has received for her performance and the song. And yet, I am yet to come across a single line of appreciation for this song in any of the film magazines or other news papers for that matter. The song is filthy and so are it’s producer, director, actor and all connected to the song.

Deepika further asserts that people have Zeenat Aman’s image in minds when listening to the number. Deepika forgets that most of today’s youngsters were not even born when Zeenat performed for the original song. And those (now adults), who saw Zeenat then, don’t care for the likes of Deepika. The fact is, Zeenat was far more dignified even with her clothes off than Deepika with all her clothes on, period.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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