Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bad's the word

With all due respect, noted writer-columnist Soumya Bhattacharya, creator of the column “Dad’s the word” in Sunday Hindustan Times has perhaps not heard of the saying “too much of anything is bad.” And that is what he is doing by giving details of his nine year old daughter down our throat week after week.

His daughter may be a cute little girl, intelligent even, I concede and she may be an apple of her parents’ eyes as it should be. But we, as readers of HT, specially the Sunday issue are not interested in details of his daughter. That his daughter is not interested in cricket, that her first love is foot ball (isn’t it of all Calcuttans, including Sourav Ganguly?), closely followed by tennis, followed by her father’s writings, followed by…………

A week or two or even a month of his daughter is OK, as we can understand a father’s love for his beloved daughter, but it becomes too much when Mr. B. wants us to read about what she thinks, what she draws, what she reads, how she curls, how she mocks her father, where she vacations. Mr. B. is a good writer (so I have heard), so we expect a good writer to utilize valuable Sunday space for topics other than his daughter like Karan does and Memon does. Every body may not be expected to take interest in the daily routine of his daughter. Of course, Mr. B. can very well argue that those who are not interested can overlook the column and not read the article. True, but Mr. B. it is Sunday and on Sundays we want to savor the entire paper with good and interesting articles in it. And “Dad’s the word” is not one of them. So please spare us.

No offense meant and God bless his daughter.


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