Friday, March 25, 2011

Politically incorrect-Nano Narayan Rane

Nano (literally) Narayan Rane, our state industries minister, is once again in limelight for his nano tricks. For a man who doesn’t talk nano when it comes to transparency and honesty of other government people, he himself doesn’t hesitate in using nano tricks when it comes to his own personal gain. This time, his nano wife Neelam, who is the president of Sindhudurg Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, misused a plot given to her organization for educational activities by converting the same into a hotel and earning a nano income for her personal nano gain. The plot was allotted when our nano Rane was nano Chief Minister then.

Earlier too, nano Rane’s nano son, Nilesh was involved in a nano firing incident in which one of his own party worker was injured. It appears to me that all nano members of Nano Rane’s family are involved in nano nano scams.

Coming back to Four Bunglows, Andheri plot, where the hotel stands. It appears that in 1999, the then CM, Narayan Rane arranged for a plot for his wife’s organization within a month of applying for it (a jet set speed) at Rs. 9850 yearly rent. Later she applied for the same plot to be used for business purpose which was immediately sanctioned (naturally) at the revised rent of Rs. 24570 annually. The location of this plot would fetch rent in Lakhs otherwise. All this, with nano blessings of nano Rane, who otherwise preaches for honesty and transparency.

Now there is a nano PIL against the said Jail restaurant & Lounge, aptly named. For nano Rane it is a nano inconvenience which we are sure nano Rane will overcome using his nano influence. As Sri R. R. Patil would have said, “Bade bade shaheron main chhoti chhoti bateyn hoti rehti hain.”

Just a thought………


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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