Sunday, February 20, 2011

Political views-Mayamemsaab

“Security officer cleans Mayawati’s shoes,” and why not? It is his solemn duty as her personal security officer, or so he thought. This security officer, by the name of Padam Singh, is a winner of President’s Gallantry award and to many his act of cleaning Mayamemsaab’s shoes was a horrendous crime. But tell me, can there be a more gallant act then cleaning memsaab’s shoes? Poor fellow must be expecting another award for this chivalrous act, instead our media is hounding for his blood.

Another funny part of this low stooping story is that, according to media, Mayawati was “unmindful of the act.” That in turn means, that Mayamemsaab was not unaware of the act, rather she was unmindful and didn’t care that a human being, a Gallantry award winner at that, was stooping so low as to clean her shoes and chose to ignore it rather than stop him. Deliberate perhaps?

Mayamemsaab is Mayamemsaab, no two ways about it. Let the media and public opinion cry foul, be it the incident of garlands containing huge quantity of thousand rupees notes or erecting her own statues (while still alive?) at the expense of public ex-checker, she is unmoved and unperturbed. She has a thick skin, we all know that. But why did an officer of Padam Singh’s stature stooped so low as to clean her shoes? The answer perhaps lies in the fact that Padam Singh is a retired police officer, currently on extension and is responsible for Mayawati’s security. Perhaps further extension and continuity of his job depends on giving personal touch to his duty and hence the act, who knows?

Just a thought…………


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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