Sunday, February 27, 2011

Indian politics-Amar's striptease

Lok Manch leader Amar Singh has developed a new hobby, it seems-striptease. It is widely reported that Amar Singh publicly bared himself for the benefit of S P President Mulayam Singh Yadav. I wonder if Mulayam Singh has, besides normal, other preferences. And even if he has, I doubt if he would appreciate what Amar Singh, of all the people, has on display for him.

It is said that Mulayam Singh criticized Amar Singh at a rally for his (Amar’s) fighting for the poor on one hand and his luxurious living style on the other. In retaliation, in a press conference in Kanpur, Amar Singh pulled up his pyjamas showing his swollen ankles. It was OK so far. But be it in a moment of heat or his enthusiasm to prove his point, next he unhooked his pyjamas and pushed them down to show his bandaged knees. He then invited Mulayam Singh to see every inch of his body.

Now Mulayam Singh, once a ‘pehlvan’ (wrestler) in his own right, may or may not accept his invitation, depending on his sexual orientation. But I doubt if he would be willing to look at Amar Singh’s bulging, quivering and swollen anatomy. Amar Singh may think that it would be a pretty sight for Mulayam and he (Mulayam) might forget their animosity for a while but I am sure Mulayam has much better sights to look at. For Kanpur press people, this act of Amar Singh’s striptease was sudden and unexpected, hence they were helpless, but not Mulayam Singh. If at all Amar Singh dares, Mulayam can always frighten him with his rippling biceps. He need not bare anything. I am sure Amar Singh would be cowed.

Ever since Amar Singh has left Amitabh’s suave company, he has lost his way and appears to be in wilderness. He had maintained a certain amount of dignity till he was with Bachchan. Or Amitabh had seen to it that he maintains a minimum standard. Amar Singh would do well to join forces with Amitabh again.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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