Thursday, February 3, 2011

Celebrity news-Being Human

Salman is at it again, that is, being a brat. It is alleged that our great dude Salman Khan demanded and got the best actor award meant for Shah Rukh Khan for his (Salman’s) acting in Dabangg. Now as far as we the ordinary mortals are concerned, awards are awarded and not demanded. But who is to explain this simple fact to Salman aka Being Human?

Now Salman may be popular in his own right and has tremendous fan following, no denying that. But, as far as acting goes, he is nowhere near Shah Rukh, in fact, far behind him. The phenomenal success of Dabangg is not because it is a good movie or because Salman has acted well, but in spite of it. The success of this movie leaves much to be desired for our taste. Salman is alleged to have threatened the organizers with walkout and compelled them to award the trophy to him.

Shah Rukh Khan, on his part, fully aware what had happened back stage, kept a dignified silence as is his wont. He ignored Salman’s bratty behavior and didn’t make any fuss. He should have been given a special trophy for maintaining his own and the organizers’ dignity in such a situation, if nothing else. This one single virtue proves that he is a much better human being (again being human?) then his adversary. It was an ego clash of titans and Shah Rukh came out with flying colors. The less said about Salman, the better.

However, Salman did not go on the stage to collect his award. Instead, he chose to send his younger brother Arbaaz to receive it on his behalf. I wonder why, as he was keen on demanding the trophy, he should have gone himself to collect it, but didn’t. Felt guilty? Probably yes, because by the time the award was announced for him, all present there in the function, entire Mumbai, the whole country, the whole world and its distant cousins knew about Salman’s escapade, that he had demanded and had not been awarded the trophy. To me, he might as well have gone to any shop and bought one for himself. That would have been more dignified. Being Human, Salman?


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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