Sunday, February 27, 2011

Indian politics-Amar's striptease

Lok Manch leader Amar Singh has developed a new hobby, it seems-striptease. It is widely reported that Amar Singh publicly bared himself for the benefit of S P President Mulayam Singh Yadav. I wonder if Mulayam Singh has, besides normal, other preferences. And even if he has, I doubt if he would appreciate what Amar Singh, of all the people, has on display for him.

It is said that Mulayam Singh criticized Amar Singh at a rally for his (Amar’s) fighting for the poor on one hand and his luxurious living style on the other. In retaliation, in a press conference in Kanpur, Amar Singh pulled up his pyjamas showing his swollen ankles. It was OK so far. But be it in a moment of heat or his enthusiasm to prove his point, next he unhooked his pyjamas and pushed them down to show his bandaged knees. He then invited Mulayam Singh to see every inch of his body.

Now Mulayam Singh, once a ‘pehlvan’ (wrestler) in his own right, may or may not accept his invitation, depending on his sexual orientation. But I doubt if he would be willing to look at Amar Singh’s bulging, quivering and swollen anatomy. Amar Singh may think that it would be a pretty sight for Mulayam and he (Mulayam) might forget their animosity for a while but I am sure Mulayam has much better sights to look at. For Kanpur press people, this act of Amar Singh’s striptease was sudden and unexpected, hence they were helpless, but not Mulayam Singh. If at all Amar Singh dares, Mulayam can always frighten him with his rippling biceps. He need not bare anything. I am sure Amar Singh would be cowed.

Ever since Amar Singh has left Amitabh’s suave company, he has lost his way and appears to be in wilderness. He had maintained a certain amount of dignity till he was with Bachchan. Or Amitabh had seen to it that he maintains a minimum standard. Amar Singh would do well to join forces with Amitabh again.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Politically incorrect-Lesson from across


Pakistani singer, that too of the stature of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, nephew of legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, was caught smuggling more than a lakh of Dollars at our New Delhi air port. It is indeed sad that these Sufi singers too have stooped so low in life. However, Islamabad was in turmoil immediately and there were hectic diplomatic efforts to get Rahat released immediately. There was tremendous pressure from the Pak government to treat Rahat well. Quite credible that of Islamabad, never mind what their citizen has done, they are there to protect him.

We spread red carpet for Pak artists here in India. They come here at their free will, perform here, make money and are treated like celebrities. Artists like Gulam Ali, Nusrat saab’ Runa Laila, Mehdi Hasan, just to name a few, have earned name and fame in India. Take the case of Adnan Sami, a Pakistani national. He came here, performed, made money and even bought huge properties, which he is not supposed to, being a Pakistani national. Mind you, this is not to demean these artists. All of them are exceptionally talented and it is a privilege to listen to them perform. I am particularly fond of Gulam Ali and his variations. But that is a different issue. Show me a single case of an Indian artist, equally talented, perform, succeed and make it big in Pakistan. Not one, they will not have it.

To come back to the Rahat case, why should he be granted bail? Had one of our artists done that in Pakistan, Islamabad would have never shown any leniency, leave alone grant bail. New Delhi would have taken weeks to react in such a situation where as their reaction was prompt. There is a lesson here to be learnt from across the border.

Finally, is this another kind of anti India activity for Pakistan? Is this money meant for some undesirable organization in Pak? Is this another kind of economic terrorism from across the border? Any thing is possible where Pakistan is concerned. But the moot question is: “Will the Indian government get to the bottom of this?”


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Current affairs-Signature tune

“Government will not tolerate attacks on the officials and strict action would be taken against those responsible.” These are the utterances of CM Prithviraj Chavan in the aftermath of the killing of additional collector Sonawane who was burnt alive by the oil mafia. “Investigation is on and action would be taken” appears to be the signature dialogue of all VIPs who claim to run our government and our country and make mockery of it. It is only when somebody is killed, Sonawane in this case, that the state rattles, heads roll, that the administration decides to act, and that too, after investigation. There are arrests, investigations, committees, enquiries, court cases and what not, to show that action is being taken and then, every thing is “as usual” till the next horrible incident occurs.

The whole world knows that the fuel adulteration is happening right outside Indian Oil depot and it is happening for years now. It is a network of police, politicians, officials and all of it is too big of an underworld economy to be stopped by the death of a government official. All arrests are temporary noise and it will be “business as usual” in no time. In fact, the oil mafia has dared the government to act, if it can.

The truth is, nothing happened to A.Raja, nothing happened to Kalmadi, Mayawati, Lalu, Lalit Modi, Vilasrao etc.( Vilasrao, in fact, got a plum posting) and nothing will happen to oil mafias. There is open and rampant adulteration in milk, medicines, kerosene, petrol, cooking oil and other food products in our country and all successive governments have failed to check them or have no intention to check them. They know that public outcry is temporary and they wait for this outcry to die its natural death.

Till such time there is always the signature tune of “no body will be spared” to their rescue.

Just a thought………


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Political views-Mayamemsaab

“Security officer cleans Mayawati’s shoes,” and why not? It is his solemn duty as her personal security officer, or so he thought. This security officer, by the name of Padam Singh, is a winner of President’s Gallantry award and to many his act of cleaning Mayamemsaab’s shoes was a horrendous crime. But tell me, can there be a more gallant act then cleaning memsaab’s shoes? Poor fellow must be expecting another award for this chivalrous act, instead our media is hounding for his blood.

Another funny part of this low stooping story is that, according to media, Mayawati was “unmindful of the act.” That in turn means, that Mayamemsaab was not unaware of the act, rather she was unmindful and didn’t care that a human being, a Gallantry award winner at that, was stooping so low as to clean her shoes and chose to ignore it rather than stop him. Deliberate perhaps?

Mayamemsaab is Mayamemsaab, no two ways about it. Let the media and public opinion cry foul, be it the incident of garlands containing huge quantity of thousand rupees notes or erecting her own statues (while still alive?) at the expense of public ex-checker, she is unmoved and unperturbed. She has a thick skin, we all know that. But why did an officer of Padam Singh’s stature stooped so low as to clean her shoes? The answer perhaps lies in the fact that Padam Singh is a retired police officer, currently on extension and is responsible for Mayawati’s security. Perhaps further extension and continuity of his job depends on giving personal touch to his duty and hence the act, who knows?

Just a thought…………


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Celebrity news-Being Human

Salman is at it again, that is, being a brat. It is alleged that our great dude Salman Khan demanded and got the best actor award meant for Shah Rukh Khan for his (Salman’s) acting in Dabangg. Now as far as we the ordinary mortals are concerned, awards are awarded and not demanded. But who is to explain this simple fact to Salman aka Being Human?

Now Salman may be popular in his own right and has tremendous fan following, no denying that. But, as far as acting goes, he is nowhere near Shah Rukh, in fact, far behind him. The phenomenal success of Dabangg is not because it is a good movie or because Salman has acted well, but in spite of it. The success of this movie leaves much to be desired for our taste. Salman is alleged to have threatened the organizers with walkout and compelled them to award the trophy to him.

Shah Rukh Khan, on his part, fully aware what had happened back stage, kept a dignified silence as is his wont. He ignored Salman’s bratty behavior and didn’t make any fuss. He should have been given a special trophy for maintaining his own and the organizers’ dignity in such a situation, if nothing else. This one single virtue proves that he is a much better human being (again being human?) then his adversary. It was an ego clash of titans and Shah Rukh came out with flying colors. The less said about Salman, the better.

However, Salman did not go on the stage to collect his award. Instead, he chose to send his younger brother Arbaaz to receive it on his behalf. I wonder why, as he was keen on demanding the trophy, he should have gone himself to collect it, but didn’t. Felt guilty? Probably yes, because by the time the award was announced for him, all present there in the function, entire Mumbai, the whole country, the whole world and its distant cousins knew about Salman’s escapade, that he had demanded and had not been awarded the trophy. To me, he might as well have gone to any shop and bought one for himself. That would have been more dignified. Being Human, Salman?

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