Saturday, January 15, 2011

Politically incorrect-Planning ahead

It is widely reported that even two months after completion of the Common Wealth Games, the venues, the stadiums and other sporting facilities remain out of bound of athletes and sportsmen. These stadiums and other facilities are, without doubt, the best in the world and it was decided (or did we assume it?) that after completion of the CWG, would be available to present and future sportspersons, for practice and to increase their prowess, thereby justifying thousands of crores spent on them.

But that was not to be. Sri Suresh Kalmadi and Associates have other thoughts. We, ordinary mortals, are not aware of what these thoughts or plans are, we can only guess. So, let us guess. There can be two reasons I can think of (for whatever I am worth) for the closure of the venues.

ONE: Kalmadi and Associates are expecting Olympics to fall in their laps after this huge success of the CWG. Naturally, the government will sanction another huge package of thousands of crores for Olympics. Now as far as CWG are concerned, M/S Kalmadi & Co. are allegedly blamed to have siphoned off thousands of crores and enquiries are pending against them. Kalmadi is waiting for the results of these enquiries which will take a few years to complete, with immense patience. If enquiries fade away, as is the practice in our country, by the time of Olympics Kalmadi has another heave package for him and his associates’ benefit. If not, he has ready venues, stadiums and facilities of CWG, to be used for Olympics and there by save government’s money. So the matter is quits and his conscious is clear.

SECOND: Last time, in CWG, Kalmadi and Associates were much, much behind schedule, inviting a lot of criticism from press and public. So much so, that our Prime Minister had to interfere. In fact, process and files started moving four-five years late. As a result, the work for completion of CWG arrangements continued till the last moment, till morning of the opening of the Games. By using the same facilities of CWG in Olympics, he can boast of being ready years in advance and can congratulate himself on his own abilities.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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