Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Politically incorrect-Mockery of Law

Chhatisgarh government and judge Varma have sentenced Dr. Binayak Sen to life imprisonment citing section 124-A of the Indian Penal Code, the law, in any case, about a century and a half old and has lost its relevance in these modern times. Even Nehru had spoken against this arbitrary law in his speech in 1951 and wished that the sooner we get rid of the law, the better.

This law was used to convict Sen for sedition. The sedition law says “whoever by words, either spoken or written, by signs or by visible representation, or otherwise, attempts to bring hatred or contempt, or excites disaffection towards the government…. is culprit.” By the same token, Vrun Gandhi, L. k. Advani, Uma Bharti, not to forget Arundhati Roy and score of others should be behind bars for life many times over.

Even former chief justice Rajendra Sachar has openly declared that there can’t be greater nonsensical judgment than this. And that he was ashamed to belong to a judiciary that delivered such a ridiculous judgment. He should know, being who he is.

Dr. Sen’s work with poor tribal people is appreciated through out the world. He has been awarded by many international institutions. Noble Laureates and intellectuals in India and across the world have applauded his selfless service to the poor. He has done what the government should have done. And for this, he has been given life imprisonment. It is a pity that persons like Rajas, Kodas and many others roaming free and open killers like Kasab and Afzal are enjoying our hospitality. Dr. Sen who probably doesn’t know how to hold a gun properly, is made to go through what he is going through.

This is a mockery of justice at its very best or worst and we, as Indians, as Justice Sachar says, should hang our head in shame.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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