Sunday, January 23, 2011

Politically incorrect-illogical logic

Though I have no knowledge of Kapil Sibal’s carrier, political or otherwise, except that he is a minister and I have no respect for politicians in general, when I read about his comments on reforms in our education system when he was in the ministry of education, I thought: “At least Sibal is a thinking politician.”

What little respect I had for Kapil Sibal vanished when I read about his defense of A. Raja, the 2G spectrum culprit. The very fact that the government threw him out, in good words “compelled him to resign,” proves that he is guilty, and yet Kapil had to defend him, and how? Kapil’s remarks that CAG estimates (loss) are off the mark, is a gross statement, unbecoming of a person like him. At least CAG and other agencies took some months to investigate and come to the conclusion. Kapil blames them of overestimating the loss figures without any effort to investigate on his part. He declares that the loss is much less than Rs. 176000 crores and that CAG has done ‘grave injustice’ to the issue, as if cheating less than what is estimated is no crime.

Sibal also asserts that revenue sharing from license auctions under NDA
had also caused some loss earlier. Does this justify Raja’s actions? If previous government has committed some crime, does it mean that the next government is entitled to commit the same, only the extent of crime should be lesser then the previous one? Kapil’s arguments suggest so.

All politicians are corrupt or at least, silent spectators to corruption. All politicians are fleecing the country, the ex-checker and thereby the public and again thereby you and me. The only factor remains to be seen is “how little or how more” a politician fleeces. Some steal in lakhs and some in crores, but steal they will. According to dear Sibal, when a politician steals a little less than what is estimated he has stolen, it is a virtue. At least his utterances prove that. His arguments defy logic, to say the least.

Just a thought……


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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