Monday, January 17, 2011

Mera Bharat mahan-A different language

Janice D’Souza became a victim of road rage on the morning of 20th Dec. She was clever enough to click photograph of her attacker and also the car the accused was driving, using her mobile phone. She shuttled between two police stations, Powai police station and Park Site police station but failed to register her complaint at both these places. Powai begged excuse saying it was not their jurisdiction and Park Site insisted she did her medical first. The law clearly states that a police station has to register a complaint even if the incident has not occurred in their jurisdiction. But clearly, this law does not affect Powai police station as she was turned away. As usual, the senior inspector of the station was not aware of the incident whereas his post demands that he should be aware of, not only every movement in his station, but in his entire area. But he is senior and does not bother with such minor matters.

Five days after the incident and only after news papers cried foul, that this senior inspector called up Janice and promised help, very kind of him. But the question is, despite the fact that Janice had the attacker’s photograph and the car’s registration number, the police is yet to trace the car or the attacker till 25th Dec. This says a lot about their efficiency.

As for number 103, special woman and children helpline number, the less said the better.

Where did Janice go wrong, an educated lady like her, what with her being a corporate trainer and all? Perhaps in pursuance of her formal education, she failed to educate herself with methods and language of the police. A few changed currency notes would have put instant energy to both the police stations and the story would have been different then. This is the only language they understand and had Janice followed this language, she would be singing praise of police efficiency and the culprit would have been behind bars.

Only if Janice had known……. poor girl.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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