Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Current affairs-Just a thought

It is reported that a letter found from Kalmadi’s residence during raid suggests that Kalmadi is being blackmailed by someone. According to sources, he is being asked to cough up Rs. four crores for a compact disc which allegedly contains some damaging information about the OC chief.

Ideally, if this is correct, the news should have been on the first page, in big fonts in every news paper. Instead, the news is on page no. 8 in Hindustan Times. So I am not sure what and how much to make of it. There is no news of the response of the doyen of the Common Wealth games to this so called blackmail letter.

What ever be the case, suppose, just suppose that Kalmadi is being blackmailed and is asked to shell out four crores, what is the big deal? What is four crore between two friends, sorry…. two enemies? Jokes apart, for Kalmadi who has been accused of siphoning hundreds and thousands of crores from CWG, four crores is peanuts. Again, what he must have done for someone to blackmail him is a mystery. His antics and escapades in CWG are known world wide. So there is no scope of blackmail there. Could it be something other than CWG? God knows.

Another point- the search party has found this letter without the sender’s name, that is, it is unsigned. Moreover, it is not mentioned in the papers whether it was addressed to Kalmadi, just a blackmail letter. If it is not addressed to him, it is just a guess that somebody is blackmailing Kalmadi. But, on the other hand, it could be the other way round. I won’t put it past Kalmadi. Either way, the million Dollar question is, why only four crores? The act of blackmail, either way, makes sense, the amount does not. Is it another silly ploy to divert public attention from the real issue?

Just a thought.


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