Sunday, January 23, 2011

Politically incorrect-illogical logic

Though I have no knowledge of Kapil Sibal’s carrier, political or otherwise, except that he is a minister and I have no respect for politicians in general, when I read about his comments on reforms in our education system when he was in the ministry of education, I thought: “At least Sibal is a thinking politician.”

What little respect I had for Kapil Sibal vanished when I read about his defense of A. Raja, the 2G spectrum culprit. The very fact that the government threw him out, in good words “compelled him to resign,” proves that he is guilty, and yet Kapil had to defend him, and how? Kapil’s remarks that CAG estimates (loss) are off the mark, is a gross statement, unbecoming of a person like him. At least CAG and other agencies took some months to investigate and come to the conclusion. Kapil blames them of overestimating the loss figures without any effort to investigate on his part. He declares that the loss is much less than Rs. 176000 crores and that CAG has done ‘grave injustice’ to the issue, as if cheating less than what is estimated is no crime.

Sibal also asserts that revenue sharing from license auctions under NDA
had also caused some loss earlier. Does this justify Raja’s actions? If previous government has committed some crime, does it mean that the next government is entitled to commit the same, only the extent of crime should be lesser then the previous one? Kapil’s arguments suggest so.

All politicians are corrupt or at least, silent spectators to corruption. All politicians are fleecing the country, the ex-checker and thereby the public and again thereby you and me. The only factor remains to be seen is “how little or how more” a politician fleeces. Some steal in lakhs and some in crores, but steal they will. According to dear Sibal, when a politician steals a little less than what is estimated he has stolen, it is a virtue. At least his utterances prove that. His arguments defy logic, to say the least.

Just a thought……


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Politically incorrect-Mockery of Law

Chhatisgarh government and judge Varma have sentenced Dr. Binayak Sen to life imprisonment citing section 124-A of the Indian Penal Code, the law, in any case, about a century and a half old and has lost its relevance in these modern times. Even Nehru had spoken against this arbitrary law in his speech in 1951 and wished that the sooner we get rid of the law, the better.

This law was used to convict Sen for sedition. The sedition law says “whoever by words, either spoken or written, by signs or by visible representation, or otherwise, attempts to bring hatred or contempt, or excites disaffection towards the government…. is culprit.” By the same token, Vrun Gandhi, L. k. Advani, Uma Bharti, not to forget Arundhati Roy and score of others should be behind bars for life many times over.

Even former chief justice Rajendra Sachar has openly declared that there can’t be greater nonsensical judgment than this. And that he was ashamed to belong to a judiciary that delivered such a ridiculous judgment. He should know, being who he is.

Dr. Sen’s work with poor tribal people is appreciated through out the world. He has been awarded by many international institutions. Noble Laureates and intellectuals in India and across the world have applauded his selfless service to the poor. He has done what the government should have done. And for this, he has been given life imprisonment. It is a pity that persons like Rajas, Kodas and many others roaming free and open killers like Kasab and Afzal are enjoying our hospitality. Dr. Sen who probably doesn’t know how to hold a gun properly, is made to go through what he is going through.

This is a mockery of justice at its very best or worst and we, as Indians, as Justice Sachar says, should hang our head in shame.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Mera Bharat mahan-A different language

Janice D’Souza became a victim of road rage on the morning of 20th Dec. She was clever enough to click photograph of her attacker and also the car the accused was driving, using her mobile phone. She shuttled between two police stations, Powai police station and Park Site police station but failed to register her complaint at both these places. Powai begged excuse saying it was not their jurisdiction and Park Site insisted she did her medical first. The law clearly states that a police station has to register a complaint even if the incident has not occurred in their jurisdiction. But clearly, this law does not affect Powai police station as she was turned away. As usual, the senior inspector of the station was not aware of the incident whereas his post demands that he should be aware of, not only every movement in his station, but in his entire area. But he is senior and does not bother with such minor matters.

Five days after the incident and only after news papers cried foul, that this senior inspector called up Janice and promised help, very kind of him. But the question is, despite the fact that Janice had the attacker’s photograph and the car’s registration number, the police is yet to trace the car or the attacker till 25th Dec. This says a lot about their efficiency.

As for number 103, special woman and children helpline number, the less said the better.

Where did Janice go wrong, an educated lady like her, what with her being a corporate trainer and all? Perhaps in pursuance of her formal education, she failed to educate herself with methods and language of the police. A few changed currency notes would have put instant energy to both the police stations and the story would have been different then. This is the only language they understand and had Janice followed this language, she would be singing praise of police efficiency and the culprit would have been behind bars.

Only if Janice had known……. poor girl.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Politically incorrect-Planning ahead

It is widely reported that even two months after completion of the Common Wealth Games, the venues, the stadiums and other sporting facilities remain out of bound of athletes and sportsmen. These stadiums and other facilities are, without doubt, the best in the world and it was decided (or did we assume it?) that after completion of the CWG, would be available to present and future sportspersons, for practice and to increase their prowess, thereby justifying thousands of crores spent on them.

But that was not to be. Sri Suresh Kalmadi and Associates have other thoughts. We, ordinary mortals, are not aware of what these thoughts or plans are, we can only guess. So, let us guess. There can be two reasons I can think of (for whatever I am worth) for the closure of the venues.

ONE: Kalmadi and Associates are expecting Olympics to fall in their laps after this huge success of the CWG. Naturally, the government will sanction another huge package of thousands of crores for Olympics. Now as far as CWG are concerned, M/S Kalmadi & Co. are allegedly blamed to have siphoned off thousands of crores and enquiries are pending against them. Kalmadi is waiting for the results of these enquiries which will take a few years to complete, with immense patience. If enquiries fade away, as is the practice in our country, by the time of Olympics Kalmadi has another heave package for him and his associates’ benefit. If not, he has ready venues, stadiums and facilities of CWG, to be used for Olympics and there by save government’s money. So the matter is quits and his conscious is clear.

SECOND: Last time, in CWG, Kalmadi and Associates were much, much behind schedule, inviting a lot of criticism from press and public. So much so, that our Prime Minister had to interfere. In fact, process and files started moving four-five years late. As a result, the work for completion of CWG arrangements continued till the last moment, till morning of the opening of the Games. By using the same facilities of CWG in Olympics, he can boast of being ready years in advance and can congratulate himself on his own abilities.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Politically incorrect-Advani's adventures

Advaniji, as is his wont, is at it again, that is, flaying our Prime Minister. True, Advani is in opposition and it is the job of opposition to oppose the ruling party whenever it fails to take proper decision or action, to maintain checks and balances. It is also true that this time our PM has hesitated to take any action or even make comments on various scams. But Advani, of all the people, who was found sharing sweets with Uma Bharti at the fall of Babri masjid, and whose one foot is on this sinful earth, and the other where both his feet should have been, has no moral right to criticize our PM. And as far as honesty and integrity go, he is nowhere near Mr. Singh.

Now let us imagine that both his feet are up there and Advaniji is at the intersection road leading to the hell and heaven. Surprisingly, the dwarpal (door keeper) of Heaven comes running forward and receives Advaniji with a smile: “Sir, our Lord, Indra Dev has invited you to our heaven, if you so wish.”

Advani surprised (as he was sure of his place in hell) that what he had done to deserve this honour, hesitated and said: “Aaaah, you must be mistaken, my friend. Perhaps it is some other Advani that Indra wants to invite. I am L K Advani.”

Dwarpal: “No Sir, there is no mistake. There is only one Advani in today’s list of invitees.”

Advani (still hesitating): “Err, tell me dwarpalji, is there an opposition party, sorry, opposition leader in heaven? And if so, who is your opposition leader?”

Dwarpal: “Sorry Sir, what is opposition party?”

Advani: See, it is like this. Your Lord Indra is your king, so your ruler and by virtue of that, he is a ruling party. Now there must be somebody to oppose him if he makes a mistake and correct him.”

Dwarpal (now indignant): “Sir, our Lord is the one and only (sarve sarva) power in heaven, has been so and will be so for all time to come. And Sir, our Lord doesn’t make mistakes.”

Advani: “What? That means you don’t have elections in there?”

Dwarpal (confused): “Election? Now what is that?”

Advani: “Look, every now and then, some other gods must want to occupy Indra’s chair, oh sorry, I mean His throne. The rest of the population of gods should vote for the one they want to see as their leader.”

Dwarpal was now totally confused and wondering at the sanity of his Lord for inviting this crackpot, remained silent.

Advani (after a while with enthusiasm): “Ok, at least you have some structures or houses or monuments which are in dispute so I can break them?”

Dwarpal (now sure of his ground): “No Sir, there is no dispute in heaven. Lord Indra’s word is the law. Moreover, all structures here are unbreakable and permanent here.”

Advani: “That doesn’t sound very interesting dwarpal, what about hell?”

: “Oh no sir, you don’t want to go there. There is all chaos in hell. Every one fights with every one else all the time.”

Advani (brightening): “Sounds interesting. Show me the way and lead me there.”


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Current affairs-Just a thought

It is reported that a letter found from Kalmadi’s residence during raid suggests that Kalmadi is being blackmailed by someone. According to sources, he is being asked to cough up Rs. four crores for a compact disc which allegedly contains some damaging information about the OC chief.

Ideally, if this is correct, the news should have been on the first page, in big fonts in every news paper. Instead, the news is on page no. 8 in Hindustan Times. So I am not sure what and how much to make of it. There is no news of the response of the doyen of the Common Wealth games to this so called blackmail letter.

What ever be the case, suppose, just suppose that Kalmadi is being blackmailed and is asked to shell out four crores, what is the big deal? What is four crore between two friends, sorry…. two enemies? Jokes apart, for Kalmadi who has been accused of siphoning hundreds and thousands of crores from CWG, four crores is peanuts. Again, what he must have done for someone to blackmail him is a mystery. His antics and escapades in CWG are known world wide. So there is no scope of blackmail there. Could it be something other than CWG? God knows.

Another point- the search party has found this letter without the sender’s name, that is, it is unsigned. Moreover, it is not mentioned in the papers whether it was addressed to Kalmadi, just a blackmail letter. If it is not addressed to him, it is just a guess that somebody is blackmailing Kalmadi. But, on the other hand, it could be the other way round. I won’t put it past Kalmadi. Either way, the million Dollar question is, why only four crores? The act of blackmail, either way, makes sense, the amount does not. Is it another silly ploy to divert public attention from the real issue?

Just a thought.

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