Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crime-Hi flying thieves

Times have changed, and how? I am from the old school and not very comfortable with this fast paced computer age. Till yesterday, I thought ‘thievery’ was a high risk and no investment business. All a thief required was nimble fingers and lot of courage, or so I thought. How wrong I was, is proved by yesterday’s news that four men from well to do families from North India would fly to Mumbai every week, stole or rob homes and flew back to their homes. Remember, they did this every week. I have never felt so strongly that I have been standing at one place and time has flown by.

Anyway, let us take business angle of this high flying occupation into consideration. Four persons flying in and out of this city would cost them at least Rupees one Lakh per visit what with hotel accommodation, transportation and such other expenses. That again means that they invested Rupees one Lakh every time they traveled into the city to steal and with no guarantee of success. That is investment and a high risk one, if you ask me. It is reasonable to expect that other legitimate ventures with little risk make profit of ten to twenty five per cent to survive, depending upon their nature of business. Now these four men’s business is that of high risk and also high investment, by all standards. So the profit should at least be a hundred percent, if not more to justify that risk and investment. For that, they probably have to scan the place they are going to do their ‘business’ in and make sure that the place has enough booty to justify the effort. Earlier, a thief used to enter any home or shop at random and took whatever was available to him, be it Rs. five, five hundred or five thousand, every thing was profit to him and the next day was another day.

Not so now. The house or the place they enter must be worth two Lakhs in terms of goods or cash available to steal. As such this business too has become sophisticated what with proper planning, proper scanning, proper investment, proper vehicles, proper clothes, proper equipments and may be proper education? What next? In times to come it may gain proper respectability, who knows.

Times have changed indeed.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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