Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Current affairs-Hall of fame

Mr. Rajsingh and Mr. Desraj suddenly find themselves in the hall of fame. Now you will ask “who are they, politicians, actors, sports persons or comedians?” Actually, none of these, they are watchmen. So, what’s the big deal? There are hundreds and thousands of watchmen all around. They are the highest paid watchmen in our country. They get Rs. 30000 as monthly salary. I have seen watchmen drawing Rs. three thousand, five thousand, ten thousand and even fifteen thousand Rupees in some high end societies. But thirty thousand? I doubt even a bank clerk gets that kind of money to begin with. So, they must be celebrities.

But wait. The story doesn’t end there. There is a twist in the tale. Both these gentlemen are employees of the Sports Authority of India. Northern Centre, Chandigarh. Now they are made to guard the bungalow of our Sports Minister, M. S. Gill. They are paid by S.A.I. and that means tax payer’s money and that in turn means your and my money, but they watch and protect Gill’s house. Of course, they occasionally go to S.A.I office, randomly mark their attendance and hey presto, back to Gill’s house.

We all have heard and read about several types of scams involving the Common Wealth Games, but this is a new one. Want a watchman? Want a servant? Want a cook perhaps? Get one appointed by S.A.I. or any other government department, let him draw his salary from there and a decent salary at that, mark his attendance there, come to your house and work for you and your family. Quite a game, suits everyone. We are sure other people will follow suit, and why not? Look at it this way. New avenues of employment are generated, several unemployed persons will get employment. Have positive attitude.

The irony is, after exposure of scams and delays in our Common Wealth Games, Mr. M.S.Gill, along with our Prime Minister none less, is given responsibility of overseeing the working of the games which are to be held soon. This is a nice beginning: “you look after my house I look after your games.” I, for one, would love such an opportunity. But chances are nil, no harm in dreaming though.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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