Sunday, August 8, 2010

Indian politics-Wild life photography

I bow my head to the technology in its modern form, specially, camera footage in its frozen form. For, it denies opportunity to the perpetrator of an act later, in this instance, an ugly act like that of congress woman, Jyoti Kumari.

The photographer of Hindustan Times should be rewarded- no, he should be awarded- for the freeze photo of Gamla (flower pot) throwing Jyoti Kumari. In this photograph, words are not required, the expressions on her face say it all. I will not expect such wild facial features on the face of even a Shaki Kapoor, leave alone a lady. The expressions on Jyoti Kumari are those of a wild animal fully aware that the prey is weak and not going to be able to defend itself, in this case security guards of the assembly, poor creatures. The ferocity on her face alone should fetch the photographer an international award. Sure of her ground, she was breaking pot after pot and I suspect that she was screaming her head and thumping her chest like Tarzan, though I am not sure. But of course, one should not forget that it was Lalu’s Bihar. Anything can happen there. It is fortunate that she didn’t carry one of those pots inside the house and break it on the speaker’s head. Expressions on her face suggested that she was capable of doing just that. Form now on, helmets will be mandatory in the house.

Later, on CNN-IBN, she explained that her act of throwing those gamlas was in her own defense, never bothering to declare against what or whom. But what can one expect from a State in which Lalu’s brother or his brother-in-law, compelled an entire train to be shifted to the platform on which His Highness was standing ignoring that schedules of several trains would be affected and thousands of passengers would suffer. What is worse was Lalu’s reaction: “Such small things happen. It is nothing. He is in power. Kahe nahin karega bhai. (why shouldn’t he do it).” Well so another small thing has happened, courtesy Jyoti Kumari.

On a lighter note, I wonder if our respected lady Robin Hood Jyoti Kumari is married and has children. I pity her husband and children, for they must always remain alert and keep themselves out of her range lest she throws flower pots at the drop of a hat at jet set speed.

Finally and jokes apart, in all seriousness I bow my humble head to the photographer for that excellent wild life image.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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