Monday, August 2, 2010

Celebrity news-Sachin's blood in a book

“For Rs. 35 lakhs (75000 US$) get a book with Sachin’s (Tendulkar) blood on a page” scream news paper headlines. The titanic book weighs 37 kgs and has 852 pages in all. Titled Tendulkar Opus, it will have a ‘signature page’ with Tendulkar’s blood mixed with paper pulp. At a rough guess one page amounts to $ 88. Good business that.

It is rumored that ten people have already booked the mammoth edition. However it is not mentioned that those who deposited Rs. 35 lakh each are Indians or foreign nationals. However, this proves a universal point: “Fools are found everywhere.”

But let me make a guess. It is unlikely that any Indian would have bought the book, unless, of course, he is Vijay Mallaya or his ilk. It is unlikely that Reliance bros. would be interested. They are too smart for that. But suppose some Indian decides to have a copy, there is every chance that income tax people will go after him with a magnifying glass.

Anyway, that is for the super rich. But the publishers have not neglected us. For lesser mortals who are not so rich, but are rich enough to make fools of themselves, there will be an edition costing $2000 to $ 3000 a piece, and that, if your calculation is not up to the mark, let me tell you, will be around Rs. 1 lakh plus. I can’t afford that. Can you?

Let us forget ethics for the moment. What next? Tendulkar’s nails, both fingers’ and toes’ or hair from his body from which ever part you fancy, duly packed in sealed and temper proof packing, just like RBI issues proof coins in packing which can’t be pilfered and can be maintained for years to come.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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