Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Politically incorrect-Self obsessed KRK

The previous article on Lalit Modi reminds me of yet another character, Kamal Rashid Khan, a small time actor, who thinks he is Clint Eastwood of the modern times. He calls himself KRK, walking on the foot-prints of Shah Rukh Khan, who is called SRK. The only difference apart from physical appearance is that in the case of Shah Rukh, media has put the tag of SRK, whereas Kamal Khan has opted to declare himself as KRK. At times it appears from his behavior that he is more talented than SRK, Amitabh and Aamir khan, all put together and has better physique then Salman and Hritik. He has never seen his face and physique properly in the mirror. Now, imagine his face without his neck and trunk. It is small and round. Draw three-four big black lines on his upper lip. You have a face of a cat, not a human.

This great Kamal Rashid Khan a.k.a. KRK famously declared on a TV show he was participating in, that other participants were jealous of him because he was so rich that ‘his water comes from France and milk comes from Spain.’ KRK forgot to declare where his food comes from. And what about air which he breaths? Air in India is supposed to be most contaminated. I suppose he gets it from Mount Kilimanjaro.

I keep wondering about his other daily needs. He should bath in Japan (Japanese baths are famous), to relieve himself he should grace the desert land of Dubai and one would imagine him squatting in Alps. The fact is that the great Kamal Rashid Khan a.k.a. KRK is a self obsessed, narcissist. People of Lucknow or Delhi wherever he stays, should kick his butt and throw him to the wolves. But, here too, he would prefer an American kick, I suppose.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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