Friday, July 23, 2010

Political views-Nationwide strike on 5th July

The BJP-Shive Sena called strike on 5th July, Monday, was successful, that is successful for politicians, not ordinary people, ‘aam admi’ as they call them. I truly wonder if even ten percent of people and politicians alike, who called the Bandh and participated actively in it, understand mathematics of price rise or basics of petrol prices. I for one, don’t.

That is not to say that I support price rise. I too am affected by it. The point I want to drive home is, these people did not call the strike for the benefit of general public. Ordinary, law abiding citizens won’t benefit from it. They called this strike for their own purposes. From the Media showing news on several channels, it was apparent that none of the politicians was serious. I suspect if they knew or even cared for the gravity of this strike or price rise itself. They were laughing and calibrating as if this was some occasion to celebrate.

In one channel I saw Nitin Gadkari with his bloated, balloon like face addressing people about price rise. He was smiling ear to ear. Does it appear that the price rise has affected him? None of these so called well wishers of aam adami is affected by rising prices. Those who are affected, are further affected by this Bandh.

My contention is, let people deal with it. Let them show their displeasure en masse. After all, they dealt with the wrong judgment in Jessica Lall and SPS Rathod’s case, and successfully at that. None of these politicians showed their displeasure at those judgments or injustice meted out to the victims, leave alone declare a strike. People dealt with them and with striking triumph. If the likes of Mr. Gadkari, Mr. Advani and party are really worried about the woes of aam adami, let them sit on hunger strike against price rise and shed some kilos from their bulging bodies. This, I am sure will benefit both- aam adami and politicians. What say?


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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