Saturday, July 31, 2010

Octopus Paul

Our dear octopus Paul has done it again. Paul’s predictions through out the Foot ball World Cup turned out to be correct. In finals also, Paul’s prediction in favor of Spain was precise. Spain won. The sad part is that the Germans have declared Fatwa against the octopus and if the news is to be believed, they want to kill the genius. The fact of the matter is that Germans could not tackle the opponent team and want to take out their vent on the poor creature.

Our great country has a great tradition of giving great shelter to great and not so great souls in trouble, from time immemorial. Right from the early civilization when Lord Rama gave shelter to Vibhishana against Ravana’s wrath, to recent times when we are giving shelter to Taslima Nasreen of Bangladesh and many more in between. Now be a good sport and don’t ask why we could not protect or give shelter to our very own M.F. Hussain against radical elements and their Fatwas. The issue is politically complicated. Moreover, we have a tradition of giving shelters to outsiders and VIPs, insiders (our own nationals) and ordinary people, be damned.

However we have deviated form the point. We don’t know the present whereabouts of this phenomenon creature. We say phenomenon because we feel that in a manner, this Paul is superior to Nostradamus, the greatest future predictor of all times. Nostradamus predicted events to occur four hundred, five hundred years hence. A safe bet, I would say. Our dear octopus Paul predicts immediate future, within hours or days, easier to catch hold of him if he is wrong. So we can offer asylum to the octopus in our safe heaven against the German threat. But, we in India, have a tradition. If a snake is injured or killed, its lady snake follows the killer and takes revenge. I wonder if our dear octopus Paul has any beloved, Paulina in waiting. In this context I would certainly like to warn the Germans, of what would lie in store in waiting for them, should they still decide to harm innocent Mr. Paul. Let us be fair to opponents also.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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