Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Current affairs-High court's judgement

The Bombay High Court has dismissed the petition filed by Adhishree, a class nine student against Vibgyor High school. The school had expelled her because her parents protested against a fee hike last year. And that too, after collecting fee from the student, a whopping Rs. 80000/-, quite arbitrary on part of the school, to say the least.

The High Court declared that the trauma and stress the child had suffered will only increase if she is readmitted to the same school. The decision has been taken in the interest of the student. The High Court further ordered that no school will reject the child’s application on the ground of delay. To which one of the trustees of the school Rustam Kerawala responded that there will be ambience at the school for all students and the verdict of the court was in the interest of the child and all other students.

What Rustomjee really meant was that the judgment was in the interest of ‘this’ and all other schools which wanted to act arbitrarily. One Arundhati Chavan, president, PTA United Forum rightly observed: “It is the end of the road for parents who want to raise a voice against the wrongdoings of the school managements.” As it is, there is very little say of the parents in the working of not only this, but any school, for that matter.

This article is not to say that the sentiments of the court are not right. They are fair and just, but only the sentiments, not the judgment. This decision to get the child admitted to another school should have been the decision of the child’s parents, not the court. The court should have continued the case against the school, considered all round sentiments of parents and the public and then given its decision. This decision of the court to get the child admitted elsewhere is pure and simple injustice. The court should reconsider the decision in the interest of, not only students of this particular school, but students and parents of all other schools as well.


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