Friday, July 2, 2010

Celebrity news-Maharaja Modi

The news that our highly respected Sri Lalit Modi spent Rs. Forty lakhs on taxi bills during IPL.3 season, amounting to almost Rs. one lakh a day. Not much and not unexpected, if you consider the status of His Highness. His Lordship used B.M.W. and Mercedes Benz of certain class only. If news is to be believed, on one occasion, Modi went to Dharamshala by air and his car was sent ahead from Delhi to meet him at the airport. On another occasion, his car was sent from Hyderabad to Nagpur which took him to the stadium merely ten minutes drive away. We should thank our stars that His Highness did not ‘air lift’ his preferred cars where ever he went.

What do you expect from a man who, when barely in his teens was involved in kidnapping and drugs, that too on foreign land, and who married a woman who was his mother’s friend and more then a decade older then him? It speaks volumes for his character. A friend remarked: “He was saved because of the Modi empire tag. Left on his own, no body will employ him even as a watch man of a building.” Right, we got the picture.

This Modi episode reminds me of a book titled “Maharaja” written by Diwan Germaidas, years back. Diwan Germaidas, as the name suggests, was a Diwan of a Maharaja of an erstwhile princely state. He was witness to the habits and whims of several Rajas and Nawabs, he came into contact with, including his own Maharaja. Some were fond of collecting Rolls Roy cars, some wanted beautiful women in their Harem, some got their favorite fruits flown in daily from foreign countries, some spent astronomical sums on their pets’ weddings, some were legendary misers and some were generous to a fault.

Our Modi Maharaja chap is like them. He likes to travel in style, only in B.M.W. and Mercedes Benz. Never mind his personal class. He likes to travel in style, stay in style, of course, at the expense of the BCCI, not his own.

As they say: “Shaukh hon to Modi jaise hon,varna na hon.” (If you have habits, have them like Modi or don’t have them). AMEN.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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