Thursday, June 10, 2010

Political views-Sena awards

Not so long time ago, Shiv Sena was after Sachin Tendulkar’s blood for having said that he was an Indian first and Maharashtrian next and rightly so. These were simple words of a simple person having no interest in anything other then cricket, least of all politics. But the failing Sena these days tries to gain mileage from any and every thing.

This same Sena, upon Tendulkar having scored a double ton in a one day game, declared him a Bharat Ratna. Sena is after the government to confer Bharat Ratna on Tendulkar.

In fact, Sena is not at all concerned whether Tendulkar or anybody else for that matter, has Nationalist leanings or communal ones, whether Tendulkar scores a ton or a big zero. All it is trying to do is to remain in lime light and failing miserably. Even Maharashtrians are not impressed. Sena has failed to arouse interest of the local people and most of them are against Sena’s antics.

Here is a little suggestion. Sena should declare its own awards. That way, it will not have to depend on local or central government where awards are concerned. It has another advantage. If Sena is not happy with some one or let us say, if someone does not toe the line, Sena is free to bash him as is its wont. Next, if and when the same person achieves some thing, Sena can quickly award him with its own award. That way Sena may gain some ground.

How is that for a start?


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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