Saturday, June 12, 2010

Current affairs-Art of Love

Our very senior politician, one time aspirant of Prime Minister’s post, Sri N.K. Tiwari had to resign because of his sexual escapades. In this otherwise sad episode lies a boon in disguise. Tiwari, at 84 (or is it 85?) may not have lost his libido, but has certainly lost his mental prowess, otherwise he would have seen three opportunities in this sordid affair.

First- A certain God man in our country teaches ‘Art of living’ and has quite a few followers, not only in our country but elsewhere in the world. Tiwari can follow this God man’s foot steps and teach ‘Art of love’. His pearls of wisdom on this subject can fetch him many followers and he can rake in the moolah.

Second- Tiwari can take up modeling. He can be an ideal model for companies manufacturing medicines like Viagra. Here, both manufacturers and Tiwari, missed the bus. The companies manufacturing such drugs should have instantly seen immense opportunity in Tiwari as a model. Who else, but a man of 84, having it out with not one, but two girls, young enough to be his grand daughters, can be a better model for these medicines?

Third- Tiwari may be invited (almost certainly) to other countries for sharing his knowledge and expertise on this subject. He can charge a bomb for every lecture he delivers and make immense wealth. Wasn’t Lalu Prasad invited to disclose his wisdom for running railways? Then again, Ashrams teaching ‘Art of love’, on the lines of ‘Osho’ may not be far away.

Last, Even the God of love (Kamdev) may feel ashamed of himself and seek Tiwari’s advice on the subject for new tricks. Other Gods like Indra may make him their Guru and may want to learn why and how the law of ‘diminishing libido with age’, does not effect him.

There, inadvertently, I have shown him one more opportunity.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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