Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crime-Poetic justice

According to one report in newspaper Gujarat Samachar of 20th Feb., Dawood Ibrahim, the noted gangster, has to pay protection money to extremist religious organizations for his own protection in Pakistan. What an idea sirji.

If the report is true, strange as it may sound, Dawood, that underworld don, who threatened and collected protection money from builders, traders, stars industrialists and others, has to pay for his own safety. This underworld goon, who has never lifted a finger in his life to make money and yet rolls in millions by just threatening and eliminating people, is helpless before fanatics. Pakistan, it seems, is not his safe heaven any more. He seems to be afraid that Pakistan will have to hand him over to India under international pressure. Since religious fanatics are very powerful in Pakistan and can influence government decisions, Dawood is paying these religious hardliners in millions to ensure his safe keep in Pakistan. I find it quite amusing. It is called poetic justice.

It is said that your deeds come back to you to haunt. You get paid for your deeds, good or bad, in this life itself.

On another line and on a lighter note, Dawood is needlessly worried about being extradited to India. Kasab has so far survived in India, hasn’t he? Kasab is illiterate, poor and a stranger in our country, and is still enjoying our hospitality. Dawood, on the other hand, has millions, along with many relatives to back him. He is sure to survive in India by paying one tenth of what he is paying to those fanatics, to our politicians and law keepers. Rather, he would be safer in India. Welcome Dawood.


Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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