Monday, March 15, 2010

Celebrity news-His name is Khan

Shah Rukh has that boyish charm even at this age. He has tremendous energy which few people are blessed with. I don’t like to watch his movies. I think they are over emotional. But as a person I really like him. In an industry where one can survive without some body’s help, he has come up on his own steam without having any God father. Another thing I admire is his rock solid marriage. In film industry, relationships are formed and broken at the drop of a hat, Shah Rukh’s family life is solid. Not a whiff of a scandal. Quite admirable.

Shah Rukh, I thought, is a little arrogant. His comment somewhere that other actors were good, rather very good, but he was a little better then them, was, I thought, a bit narcissist. May be it was self confidence. He has a mass fan following and what is more, he knows it. So far I liked him but I never knew he has high moral values and guts to stand firmly for what he believes in. I now respect him for the stand he took against Shiv Sena. Where other stalwarts of the industry tumbled like a pack of cards, Shah Rukh stood his ground against threats from Shiv Sena, for what he believes in. Yes, he was sad and he was tired but not intimidated. He didn’t rush to Bala Saheb’s office for compromise to save his film. It is sad that no one, not a single person from his own industry openly stood with him. He faced the crisis all alone and came victorious.

Again, more appreciable, Shah Rukh apologized to his producer, Karan Johar for the mess and even offered to compensate him for his financial losses. And this is where he scored with me. How many actors can boast of this high moral standard? Not a single name comes to my mind. Earlier, I just liked him, now I respect him. He has what it takes.

He is a true Khan – his name is Khan.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Politically incorrect-Sharad Pawar

Our politicians are known to stoop to any extent in order to retain their chair and power. But no body ever expected Sharad Pawar, a man of stature and status to stoop so low as to invite and support Padamsinh Patil, suspended from his party’s primary membership following his arrest in a murder case. Pawar openly supported Padamsinh and appealed to people to support him.

Earlier, Pawar had visited Bala Saheb to request him to allow Australian cricketers to play in Mumbai. It may have been Pawar’s political strategy, but it didn’t go well with Congress or with public at large. What is more, it is reported that Bala Saheb had gall enough to tell Pawar to send him a request letter and he would consider the matter as if Pawar was applying for some loan for Thackery’s consideration. Does Pawar accept that Mumbai is Bala Saheb’s fiefdom?

Pawar should know that he is failing. Once a man, nobody dared to cross whose path, today, he appears to be failing what with his moves, food price rising and other things.

What next? I won’t be surprised if tomorrow he asks Ajmal Kasab for support. After all, both Padamsinh and Kasab are charged with murders. Only difference being, the former has killed one person and the later has to account for several lives. But that should be no big deal with Pawar. After all, it is said that one should always have second line of action.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crime-Poetic justice

According to one report in newspaper Gujarat Samachar of 20th Feb., Dawood Ibrahim, the noted gangster, has to pay protection money to extremist religious organizations for his own protection in Pakistan. What an idea sirji.

If the report is true, strange as it may sound, Dawood, that underworld don, who threatened and collected protection money from builders, traders, stars industrialists and others, has to pay for his own safety. This underworld goon, who has never lifted a finger in his life to make money and yet rolls in millions by just threatening and eliminating people, is helpless before fanatics. Pakistan, it seems, is not his safe heaven any more. He seems to be afraid that Pakistan will have to hand him over to India under international pressure. Since religious fanatics are very powerful in Pakistan and can influence government decisions, Dawood is paying these religious hardliners in millions to ensure his safe keep in Pakistan. I find it quite amusing. It is called poetic justice.

It is said that your deeds come back to you to haunt. You get paid for your deeds, good or bad, in this life itself.

On another line and on a lighter note, Dawood is needlessly worried about being extradited to India. Kasab has so far survived in India, hasn’t he? Kasab is illiterate, poor and a stranger in our country, and is still enjoying our hospitality. Dawood, on the other hand, has millions, along with many relatives to back him. He is sure to survive in India by paying one tenth of what he is paying to those fanatics, to our politicians and law keepers. Rather, he would be safer in India. Welcome Dawood.

Header image credit: adapted from David Niblack

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